App: Bookmarks improvements

I am missing a search function in the menu “select favorites”. I have imported POI’s for Alpine passes. They are sorted. But my own favorites are not sorted in this list. It is a mess to find my favorites in the many imported POI’s, also because a search function is missing. To select a favorite it would be good to have a search field and by entering a character the selection should already start (quick selection). Also a re-sorting possibility of the favourties could help.

NO one has this problem? After importing POI’s it is not possible any more to quickly find and select own favorites. It is an endless scrolling orgy through an usorted list.

It had been mentioned in old forum that an enhanced process will be provided. :slightly_smiling_face:


aahhhhaa, good to know, thanks.

I was wondering as well that no one replied :wink: As mentioned by @devemux86 this has been discussed before.

Additionally to a search function, I would suggest ta add the possibillity to group bookmarks into categories.
This would be helpful especially when importing a larger number of POIs from an external source.


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Thanks, yes this is already on our todo list to put bookmarks into categories / groups.

still missing the advanced search functionality for bookmarks… also when a bookmark is selected, the option menu (set as start or stopover or destination…) for that bookmark could appear automatically. At the moment sometimes the map even doesn’t postion to this bookmark and then the card need to be zoomed and long-pressed on the bookmark to show the option menu. These are unnecessary steps, because when I select a bookmark, then I want to do something with it… in most of the cases I want to ride there or use it as a stopover.

That shouldn’t happen, unless navigation or follow location are active, which auto center the map automatically.

What about users who may want to just scroll to bookmark position and decide later what to do there. Also opening a dialog directly on top, hides the selected bookmark’s area.

An intermediate solution is (like location button) to scroll + zoom at bookmark position, so that its handling is more convenient.

ok convinced.

What is the status on being able to sort bookmarks into folders/categories?

I have a gazillion bookmarks and it is a pain to find the one I need :slight_smile:

Smart naming of bookmarks only go so far :slight_smile:

I will see it in the future, check its topic: