App: Auto center map view

Today I could test Kurviger App connected to WunderLinq on the road for the first time. Thanks for the integration. Zooming in and out while driving for me is a very important feature.

In my test I was a bit disappointed. It is working in general, but while autozoom is on (which is ok most of the time) manual zooming was immediately overruled by autozoom. Would it be possible to implement a timeout that can be set by the user for autozoom to take over again after a manual zoom in or out?

Maybe I would be perfectly happy with autozoom off, but I simply didn’t think about trying it out as I was used to autozoom combined with manual zoom on the BMW Navigator.

When any manual zoom happens, the auto zoom continues some seconds later.
(via map gestures, volume keys or external input devices)

… and that “some seconds” is far too short from my perspective.

The far too short is obviously not immediate,
as there is already delay that most users like.

If you mean add a new option to customize the current delay for all manual zooms,
please create a new topic, as this discussion was for another implemented feature.

Creating a new topic was what I originally tried. The option was unfortunately greyed out.

Google forum does look a lot easier and more convenient.

I transferred your suggestion in a new topic, so that community can discuss it.

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I did not find the new topic. I also whish to have a longer delay for falling back to autozoom.

This is the topic for discussing this suggestion.

Although so far not many users have expressed interest in it.

When I drive with autozoom enabled and zoom out with the volume keys, I can’t look at the route because I sometimes have to look at the road in between. Especially when I avoid the larger federal highways, kurviger often leads away from the federal highway for a few 100 meters and then routes back onto the major road. To avoid this, I look with a zoom from a much higher view. Therefore, it would be a very viable feature for me if there was a parameter “wait 60seconds” before autozoom. Or a “button” for “show an overview of 5km forward for x (20) seconds”.Then I could just ignore the nonsensical routing through the village and still I can prefer the smallest street.

I could add an option to adjust the time of auto center (zoom) map view.


Implemented in Kurviger 2.0.14.