API timing out while trying to create a route

While trying to create an “extra curvy” route from my home to a St. Louis, USA hotel, searching goes on for a long time, then I get an error saying, “API did not respond! timeout If you think this is a bug, please let us know in our forum.”.

Please advise.

Would you mind to provide an example route as url?

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Thank you BoldTurn for your reply. I am unable to create the route in Kurviger because it times out. How can I create a URL for you?

I was able to create the route using the “curvy” setting, but not the “very curvy” setting, which is what I wanted.

If you see the time out message, click on the share button and post the link here :slight_smile:.

Usually there should be a different error message, that’s why I am wondering. You can try to place a waypoint somewhere in the middle, this usually helps if there is an issue for long distance routes (>1000km).

This is the error message.
The shared route:

Just letting you know that I added a “stop” on the way, Old Route 55 - and now the entire route is successfully calculated. Who would have known?

Thanks for the update. You can also solve this by placing the start west of New York, instead of east. The issue is most probably that Kurviger tries to avoid driving through the greater New York area, but there is no real alternative, since you started on an island. Extra curvy tries to avoid driving through cities areas as much as possible, so Kurviger tries to find a different way and at some point you will hit the timeout.

Robin your explanation makes sense, but I think the key point here is:

This needs a better error message. Maybe something like

This calculation seems to take very long. This may be an API error, but you could also try resolving this by adding some waypoints or setting a different route profile to make life easier for our software. If this message keeps appearing regardless, please let us know in the forum

Which would cover both cases, a repairable and a non-repairable scenario

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I can have a look if we can improve the error message, thanks for the suggestion.

I improved the error message a bit :slight_smile: