Anyone else has a payment problem?

I got a mail from Paddle that my Tourer+ subscription payment couldn’t be done.
So I checked al of their suggestions where the problem could be and didn’t find any problems with my creditcard or amount of money.

I have no clue :man_shrugging:t2: what causes the problem. Has anyone else this problem or the solution?

Paddle does only react with an automated response, that doesn’t help.

This issue can happen if there is an issue with your existing payment method. Usually credit cards expire after some time.

If you used Paypal the subscription agreement between Paypal and Paddle are sometimes cancelled.

Usually, you need to update your payment details them at Paddle. You can use the update payment method link in your account here:

Indeed an error in my name and expiry date.
I corrected both and assume that my payment and subscription will be OK.