Annoying map roll on every road crossing and missing multi line information.


Edit 1: Am I missing something setup or is this annoying roll on every road cross feature of this Kurviger?
Sorry…my mistake…when using Simulate Navigation mode then this is happening…not in real driving situations.

Also I’m wondering why Kurviger can’t show which line I should drive when there are multiple lines on road.

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Could you please clarify? Are you talking about a lane view? So for example take the right lane to turn right?


I talk about multiline view as in Garmin…no need for good graphis…even arrows is enough
Arrows like in this


And with roll I mean that when you are coming to road cross…and example turn is to right…map makes roll from left to right…not going straight right…hmm hard to explane…I try make video of it…:smiley:

Like in this video…hope you can view it!AoxIUGDjEZ3MiLgtGwpSJ2cE0CmBPg?e=RVegQf

Ich habe den Eindruck, du meinst die Ausrichtung der Karte in Fahrtrichtung. Der Pfeil zeigt dann immer nach oben und die Karte dreht sich bei jeder Kurve/Abzweigung.
Um die Ausrichtung während der Navigation zu ändern, genügen Tipps auf das Kompass-Symbol links
Nach jedem Tipp drauf ändert sich die Ausrichtung:
image, image, image

I know I can freeze orientation to north but I like that map is to heading…look the video and see that weird behavior when road cross comes…it makes too large move (roll) on road cross…that is what I mean.

Achso, ich glaube, du fährst zu schnell! :smile:
Da müssen die Entwickler antworten.

Oh well, I think you’re driving too fast! :smile:
The developers will have to answer that.

Turn lane support is on our todo list.

Regarding the map roll, this should be mostly happening during the navigation simulation, have you perceived this while actual riding?

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thx…good to hear…
I edited topic…because it was my mistake…as you asked…only on Simulation mode…not in real life…:slight_smile:

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