Alternative routes to the next waypoint - feature tip

(I’m sorry if this topic is raised up before.)
Last week I had a 150 km ride with Kurviger. Between the 2 and 3 waypoints the road turned into unpaved and muddy and I couldn’t follow the planned route anymore, so I decided to turn back and choose another way (in the screenshot: blue line the original routing, red line the new one). The app continously recalculated the route according the original one.
I didn’t find any method to recalculating and following a detour without canceling the navigation.
I would have to exit Navigation mode to enter Plan mode and add some additional waypoints for detour. But it would be much better if I could still be in Navigation mode and there would be a new button beside Gas station e.g. “Detour” and touching this one it can create 3 alternatives of detour (like in Round Trips mode) to the next waypoint, I can select one of them and Navigation can be continue on the detour route.
Is it feasible?

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Something like that is planned for the app.
e.g. to drive around roadworks.