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Alternative Route


Hallo, ich habe in irgendeinem Topic (finde es aber gerade leider nicht) von einem „Berechne alternative Route – Button“ oder so ähnlich gelesen. Finde aber keinen derartigen Button. Existiert solch einer und was ist seine genaue Funktion?


Probably mean the alternative routes feature offered in Kurviger Pro:


What exactly does this feature do? It’s probably that the app automatically creates a new route once I’ve left my original one?


It calculates an extra alternative route between 2 points, besides the regular one.

That is rerouting and can be found in navigation options.


Perfect, it’s clear now


Maybe you meant the manual rerouting feature? You can find it in our documentation here: https://docs.kurviger.de/start?id=app/faq/navigate_with_manual_rerouting