Alternative Route

Hallo, ich habe in irgendeinem Topic (finde es aber gerade leider nicht) von einem „Berechne alternative Route – Button“ oder so ähnlich gelesen. Finde aber keinen derartigen Button. Existiert solch einer und was ist seine genaue Funktion?

Probably mean the alternative routes feature offered in Kurviger Pro:

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What exactly does this feature do? It’s probably that the app automatically creates a new route once I’ve left my original one?

It calculates an extra alternative route between 2 points, besides the regular one.

That is rerouting and can be found in navigation options.

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Perfect, it’s clear now

Maybe you meant the manual rerouting feature? You can find it in our documentation here:

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Alternative routes will be deprecated in next version.

It overloads the server without benefit: navigation does not use it.
Now it’s more for effect. Website subscription does not offer it too.

I may review it in the future under different conditions.