Alps pass opening and closure


I’m a brand new user for Kurviger, coming from MyDrive tour planner provided by TomTom,
let me say that I found Kurviger, much more completed and powerfull than others web route planners,
but one point creates me some issue, and is not clear if it was my fault or is something not implemented, if second one is to me a big miss,

I’ve created a tour close to the Alps (Italian side) passing over the “Giogo del Maniva” mt 1.664 (45.822422064231446, 10.409878489659045).
I didn’t get any advise about this route, so we start… unlikely when we arrived on the pass we found “pass closed”

Question is:

does Kurviger check the planned route to verify if is feasible in term of viability… or simple everything we put is fine ?

this question come from the fact that, day after, I loaded the same gpx in MyDrive… and I got an alert: “selected way not feasible”

thanks for any reply


look at this route: and you will see the image-sign in the map. This means “potentially closed road”.
Clicking on this sign opens a explanation on the left side:

That’s the way kurviger informs you …



thanks for your support !,

I was expecting to see something on the map, so it was my fault to do not take care on rigth of the screen,



The image-sign is indeed visible on the map
But you need the Kurviger Tourer subscription to see it.

That’s strange, becasue if I follow the Wolfgang’s link, I cannot see the sign

Got it !

Kurviger tourer setting was off, now it’s ok