All favourites lost

Hi, I lost all my saved favourites. Log-out and log-in does not help, same result after refreshing page or another browser. There is one route saved last year, but many others from years before and after are gone. An error shows up upon login. What’s wrong?
Schránka 01

Have you tried to open Kurviger in a different browser?

Please also have a look here: Somehow Kurviger does not Behave the Way I would expect it, what can I do? [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

I tried other browsers (Firefox, Opera, Chrome), adblock turned-off, no VPN, etc. Still the same result.

Don’t worry, I can live without the routes history. :slightly_smiling_face:

What you could still try is to clear your cache, you can use our dedicated page for that: Kurviger Error Diagnostic

I tried the error diagnostic page - database connection ok, but deleting cache ends up with “Something did not work as expected. Have you closed all tabs of Kurviger?! - {}”. (I have all Kurviger tabs closed.)

No favourites are displayed in the Android app as well. More exactly - no my "old’ favourites are displayed, there are folders ‘Planned for the future’ and ‘Marvelous routes’ in ‘Your routes’ instead. I have never created folders of those names…:confused:

Ok, if even the diagnostic page does not work, then you might have set up your browser in a way that does not allow to store any data locally. In this case Kurviger and many other websites might not work correctly. Or some browser plugin blocking access to browser functions.

These two folders get created by default, when you sign up for a new account. So it sounds like you signed in with a different (new?) account on your phone?