Add "Setze Wegpunkte auf Straße" as Icon on the map


during the last weeks I planned a lot with my smart phone (iPhone 8 Plus) and the website

I recognised one thing that would make it even simpler to work with the website and a smartphone:

To add a new waypoint during planning a route I have to use my fingers on the smart phone instead of the mouse pointer on a PC. It is even harder to place the finger exactly on a road, mostly it is only nearby and I then use the button “Setze Wegpunkte auf Straße” to correct the position. => It would be great if the function “Setze Wegpunkte auf Straße” would be accessable by an icon on the map itself and not in a submenu on the left side because I have to leave the full screen modus first, click the button “Setze Wegpunkte auf Straße” and switch back to full screen modus due to the limited size of the screen.

What does the community think about that feature?

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It is only possible to work with the full size screen due to the limited resoluton of the smart phone:

Makes sense!
Maybe an icon on the phone screen that gets big when you tap and hold it - e.g. a triangle - and whose tip becomes the waypoint when you lift your finger.

Have you tried to hold the smartphone horizontally? That way it becomes quite usable IMHO. BTW: it would be enough to press the button only once before exporting the route to a navi, so I am not sure if would be wasting unnecessary space on the map?

Hello, yes I tried to work with a horizontal screen but the screen is even smaller when I need the keyboard sometimes:

. But I will try again.
And you are right, in best case it is only necessary to push the button “Setze Wegpunkte auf Straße” once. But usually I checked after each point whether it’s moved correctly and the planning of my last route was still in my mind where I had to place way points in “agriculture only” streets. In that case the Button moved the waypoints far away.
At the moment I do not use all other icons (except full screen) and I am not hindered by the other icons. One more would not be a problem for me :wink:.

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Why don’t you use the Kurviger app to plan routes on a smartphone. It has the same functions and features and (in my opinion) is much more appropriate to be used on a mobile. Escpecially the crosshair waypoint placement is very comfortable.

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Probably because of :wink::

I wait for the iOS Version of the kurviger App, that comes hopefully soon :wink: :wink: I would buy it immediately. Up to that I select the second best solution with my iPhone and the Navigon App.

Ah, ups - wasn’t aware of the fact that there’s no iPhone version of the Kurviger app :blush:. Another reason not to use iPhones :sunglasses: (just kidding).

There is an intermediate solution:

I tried it a couple of weeks ago to export from iPhone to scenic App but it did not work:
I get a new sheet with the url:

But I also get the text:

AND nothing happened then, although The scenic App was running in the background nothing happened.

Upps. Now, it’s the first time that it works. I have to save the url (I.e. in this forum). When I click the url scenic starts and imports the route :grinning: