About: Missing kurviger url

Hallo Emux,
in the App info is following link “dead”
“Nutzt Kurviger”

I am on Kurviger “Promo” Tour in Norway.
I show some other bikers with Garmin issues
the Kurviger App.
Now you have new subscriptions.
But the link to the website should be work.
May it would be also nice to have additional links to the
FAQ - Forum - Blog…
So i can save my Time to show all these great stuff.

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Most documentation links are available in the menu “Help”.
Some guides are in their related menu “Map” and “Routing”.

(about the blog, it is only in German…)

Thanks for the report.

Kurviger address does not open the browser on new Android,
because Google changed how the registered urls work.

Kurviger urls are opened by the associated app as route urls.
I will change it to the Kurviger features address.

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May you can add the YouTube link in the help section.

Only a hint: In the documentation (operation guide to the app) currently there is a link to the You Tube Kurviger-Video-Playlist:
EN: App: User interface (UI), Views, Elements, Follow mode, Crosshairs, Screenshot, Overview [Kurviger Knowledgebase]
DE: App: Oberfläche (UI), Ansichten, Elemente, Folgen, Fadenkreuz, Screenshot, Überblick [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

But I like your suggestion. There could be more links to the You Tube Kurviger-Video-Playlist on Website (e.g. in menu), in Documentation (e.g. in sidebar) and “perhaps” in the Help section of the App. I wrote “perhaps” because until now there are not many Kurviger videos to the app.

Indeed, it is currently not very useful for the app.

In the sidebar of the Kurviger documentation now it is available in EN and DE:

Links to the documentation (there you find it in the sidebar):
EN: Kurviger Knowledgebase [Kurviger Knowledgebase]
DE: Kurviger Knowledgebase [Kurviger Knowledgebase]