Abo problem with Vivaldi browser

I have a Tourer+ Abo, it worked fine with all my browsers I use.
But since some days there is a problem if I use Vivaldi browser (version 6.6.3271.61, Win11)

If I login, I get the message that the route is using Tourer+ features and I shall login with a Tourer+ user or I shall convert the route to a standard route.

If I am using Chrome, all works fine.

Is there any known problem about this?

Kind regards

Not really, please first try the steps listed here: Somehow Kurviger does not Behave the Way I would expect it, what can I do? [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

Problem is solved, I deleted all parameter in the link I used to call Kurviger and I call only “kurviger.de


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