A waypoint is to far from a street

14.100931256107657, 99.41781397633406

Pilok - Kanchanaburi Province Thailand

A waypoint is to far from a street. If there should be street, let us know through the forum, otherwise place the point somewhere else. Point: 0

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Screen: 1536 x 864 px - 1.25dppx

Hi Atlas, to solve this problem we will need a few more details. Please share a small route where this problem occurs so we can reproduce it here

Hi mate,

Thanks for the quick response… Of course I can’t reproduce the fault now :rofl:

Probably user error !!! :smiley:

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Ok no worries. In general this message means that one of your waypoints (in that case it was number 0, the starting point) is too far from a road that the algorithm can drive on. So you might want to move that waypoint to a bigger street

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