2 Gates on the Plenty Hwy Northern Territory should NOT restrict access

[EN] I think I have found an issue with the route calculated by Kurviger

If you route between Atitjerie, Northern Territory and Jervois Station, Northern Territory, along the Plenty Hwy, Kurviger will not route through the gates at -22.927004, 135.313904 & -22.998881, 135.979908.
Open Street Maps shows these as barrier=gate, but does not include access=private. This IS a public highway, albeit a gravel one, used by road trains between Alice Springs and the east of Queensland.
OSM will route between these two settlements. Kurviger should also.
A link to the satellite view of the gate follows:-

Hi Enginia,
Thanks for the report, next time a kurviger link and/or an OSM link would be helpful as well, just as a sidenote

OK so on topic: do you know how to edit OSM? You’re absolutely welcome to do that, people with local knowledge who know how gates and routing work… Damn that’s the dream! :smiley:

If not please let is know here, me an others can do it instead, but again, would love to win you over as an editor

Sorry. I neglected the link :-
https://kurviger.de/en?point=-22.927004%2C135.313904&point=-22.998881%2C135.979908&locale=en&vehicle=motorcycle&weighting=fastest&additional_weighting=&ch.disable=true&use_miles=false&elevation=true&document_title=CBR-Yunta-Oodnadata-Aputula&details=conditionally_closed&layer=OpenStreetMap (FAU)

Yes, I have editted OSM on multiple occasions, but in this case the OSM map is correct. As far as I can tell from the 2019 satellite view there are gates & at each gate position on OSM there is the feature “barrier=gate”. This is correct. They are NOT private gates though, that would be defined by “access=private”, I believe. Kurviger should route through them. OSM does, as does Google.

Kurviger does not route through gates if an access tag is missing.
In case of a public road ‘access=yes’ should be ok. It may take up to 2 weeks until the kurviger database is updated
See also documentation

Ahhhh ok sorry I misread. Yes in that case the post above mine by linux-user counts, access:yes will fix this

I just called Kay at Jervois Stn (08 8956 6307) and she assures me that the barriers at the references mentioned are not gates, but cattle grids. I also contacted my brother who had driven through there a couple of years ago & he had no recollection of any gates, so I edited OSM changing “gate” to “cattle-grid”. There was no additional “access” field offered so I am assuming this will solve the routing problem.


Wow, most effort for routing correction ever :clap: