11 Days GB+Irland

11 Days GB+Irland

In 2022 we made a 11-day trip through the Britsch Isles.
Our starting point was in Cornwall as our families stayed there for the summer holidays.
Our aim was to see as much possible from all around Ireland / England / Wales and Scottland,
so, we put on long mileages and days on our planning.
If you want it to have it more relaxed and with more time for sights, I would recommend to plan the tour in 14days

1st day) https://kurv.gr/fRCBP We start early in the morning as we had a long distance to ride and we had to catch our ferry to Ireland in the evening. Our journey took us through the wild and lonely landscape of Darthmoore to Exeter. Then we headed north on curvy and woody roads to the Bristol channel. From there the we use the M5 to reach Wales. From Chepstow we drove on nice country roads through the Brecon Beacons national park and then to Fishguard our harbour for the ferry. As we arrive in on early evening in Fishguard we decided to do the little optional trip to the Strumble Head Lighthouse. There we had a really nice sunset. Then we drove back to the harbour and waited for our ferry to bring us to Rosslare (11pm).

2nd day) https://kurv.gr/4KmsB we arrive in Rosslare at 4am in the morning. Which was quite early but helps us to meet the long distance we planned for the day. Also, we could join a really beautiful sunrise on the coast of southern Irland. Along the coast we reached the famous Rings of Beara and Kerry. We drove through the mountains and coastlines and pass the Healy Pass , Gap of Dunloe and Ballaghbeama Gap. Final stay was Killorglin where we ended the day on a nice pub.

3rd day) https://kurv.gr/qgJ8V (planed) https://kurv.gr/RdPEt (driven) On the 3rd day of our journey I had problems in the morning with the bike and need a check-up. We found a BMW dealer in Cork which helped us but the planning for the day (Connor Pass / Cliffs of Moher /Sheffry Pass) was gone and in between we had the fear, that this could be the end of the tour. Luckily we were able to continue. It was already afternoon as we decided to drive to our target for these day, Westport. Arrived late evening we closed our day with some local beer and a Kebab.

4th day) https://kurv.gr/sKqe7 These day should be our last day in Ireland. So, we drove on small roads in beautiful landscapes to the east. Our target was Larne where our ferry to Scottland would wait for the next morning. The lonely streets become more crowded as we reach Northern Ireland.
Along the coastline we reached the Giant Causeway where we made a longer break to make some pictures and a little walk to that basalt formations. Staying along the coastline we arrived Larne where we stayed directly in the near of the harbor. We closed our day on a pub nearby.

5th day) https://kurv.gr/CwQ5P The ferry to Scottland left at 8am. After 2 hours we arrived on the Scottish coast. Along the cost we drove to north. Through the Old Largs Road we drove around Glasgow. Driven to the north we reach the Highlands of Scottland. The beautiful Glencoe valley was a special highlight that day. We also visit the Glenfinnan Viaduct (Railroad and Harry Potter fans will know). We arrived in Fort Willam where we stayed the night. After a walk through the city, we closed the day with Haggis and a Scottish Whisky.

6th day) https://kurv.gr/9vcnh The next day we still drive up to north. Along on many lakes (lochs) our 1st visit was Dorni castle. From there we drove to the ferry Kylerhea (a small ferry to the Isle of Skye). The way to the ferry, the ferry as well and the way from the ferry is really worth to drive. We didn’t have the time to drive through the Isle of Skye so we left the Island over the Skyebride. Our target was now Applecross with the Applecross Pass. These Pass is gorgeous. The look to Isle of Skye was awesome. From Applecross we stayed on the coast as much as possible. We passed Ullapool and Lochinver. Riding along these small curvy single roads is a dream. For the night we stay on Loch Borralan. Somewhere in the Nowhere but a really good and nice stay.

7th day) https://kurv.gr/p8ePV On the next morning we started again in direction north. In Durness we visit the Smoo Cave. It’s a short nice diversion and easy to reach. From there our way was now in direction south/east. Through small little single roads, we reached the Eastcost. From there our way leads through Inverness to Loch Ness. After a short visit of the lake and some lunch we moved forward to the Tomatin Destillery. Later we drive through the very nice scenery and enjoyed the last kilometers of the day. We stayed in Tarland above of a pub, where we enjoyed the rest of the evening.

8th day) https://kurv.gr/FFJrG From Tarland we drove south through nice valleys and mountains.
We made a break in Pitlachry on the Blair Athol Distillery. Unfortunately, it was fully booked so we couldn’t join the guided tour. So, we drove on. Along some lakes/ lochs we pass the Ben Lawers Dam. Our target was to get as less cities and big streets in front of us. These small roads were awesome.
Through Edinburgh we had to use the highway to come around and not loose so much time. If we would have more days, we had visited Edinburgh for sure. We made a short stop on Roslin chapel which is near Edinburgh. Also nearby is the Polish Map of Scottland where we also had a short stop.
Moving forward to the south we made a last stop on the border to England and short behind the border we spent the night.

9th day) https://kurv.gr/FFJrG On this day we ride to west to visit the Lake District Park. The way was along the Hardside Pass between Alston and Penrith. Nice road to drive long curves and wide views are on this road. Within the Lake District we drove to the HonisterPass and later than to the Hardknot and Wrynose-pass. The Hardknottpass is one of the steepest passes in GB with 30% slope. The passes are good to drive (if no one come upfront) and the scenery is very beautiful. After returning from Lake District Park we moved south between all bigger cities. Driving the small roads through the moors I can only can recommend. The trip ended near Bamford on the Ladybower dam.

10th day) https://kurv.gr/3ysY4 On this day our plan was to make a visit of Wales. On the Cat and Fiddle Road (Buxton to Macclesfield) we gone to the West. We tried to make a short stop at Bentley in Crewe but due to roadworks it was not possible to take a look. Everything was closed around. Our way was through Wrexham where we entered Wales. For me Wales was very unknown but it showed up as very beautiful and really worth to take a look on. We moved to the mountains in the north through the Gwyir Forrest park. From There we gone south to the Snowdonia National Park. On small roads we moved to south. We ended in Rhayader where we enjoyed our last evening of this tour.

11th day) https://kurv.gr/DXDvD The last day started with a little tour around the Garreg-ddu Reservoir. Really nice little roads in the mountains along the lake. Much fun to ride there. From Tregaron we also used the small single road to the lake Llyn Brianne. Awesome scenery while driving in the nature on the small roads. Bad luck is when you a got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, we had a tire fix with us. We fixed the tire and continued. After some checks on petrol stations, it was clear, that the air stay in the tire and we moved forward as planned. Through the moors of Brecon Beacons National Park we used now the same route back as we had done some day before as drove to the Ireland. We also use the M5 to go south. Along the Bristol channel and coastline of the Atlantic, we come nearer and nearer to our final of the journey. We arrived with a beautiful sunset our destination in Cornwall. There we relaxed with our families and talk about our impressions we´ve got during our tour.

I would nothing change on the routing, it was every time perfect. The small roads in middle of these nature were a real pleasure to drive. Only a little more time I wish we had. But for sure we will come back.


Thank you so much for this great insight. :+1:
Years ago I did a round trip in Ireland and the west coast is just great.

Looking forward to reading more travelogues from you… :slight_smile:

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Great adventure, great report, great navigation! Congratulations and I do not hide my envy :wink::+1:

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Spectacular trip that any biker would like to be able to do … by the way, very ambitious days with many kilometers and hours of motorcycle.
Thanks for sharing and I will save the tours in case I can ever realize that dream.