When an IOS app?

I can tell you that we are significantly closer to an iOS app than we were 7 months ago. We tend not to make any promises that we can’t keep. So I don’t want to make any promises now. I don’t think you’ll will have to wait another 7 months. We will let you know, once there are some actual news :slight_smile:.


Fingers crossed. We’ve been waiting for it for such a long time.

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Honestly, if an IOS version doesn’t show up for this 2024 riding season, I’ll certainly leave for another app (ie Calimoto) having an IOS app.
I like very much Kurviger but really regret the absence of interest for the IOS community.

Hello, you might want to take a look at the myRoute app or Scenic. With Curvy Planning, you can export directly to Scenic and receive a push in Scenic that an import is ready.
With the myRoute app you can use the OSM map material, which Kurviger also uses, so I would do that until Kurviger is ready.
I’m quite sure that the Kurviger team hasn’t forgotten the iOS users, but it’s just not easy to program an app just like that. Patience is the magic word.

Hallo, schau Dir ggf. mal die App myRoute App an oder Scenic. Bei der Kurviger Planung kannst du direkt nach Scenic exportieren und bekommst in Scenic eine Push, dass ein Import bereit steht.
Bei der myRoute App kannst du ggf. auf das Kartenmaterial von OSM zurückgreifen, was kurviger ja auch verwendet, das würde ich machen bis kurviger soweit ist.
Ich bin mir ganz sicher, dass das Kurviger Team die iOS User nicht vergessen hat, aber es ist eben nicht einfach mal eben so ne App programmiert. Geduld ist das Zauberwort.

The grass doesn’t grow any faster if you pull on it.
Kurviger has promised to work on an IOS App as fast as they can.

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This is categorically not true and if all you have to add here are vague threats and misinformation I would kindly ask you to stop posting. Even in this same thread you have been told multiple times that we’re working on it with high priority.

Until then, we already provide as much support as we can, we have never brushed away a single iOS poster here in the forums and always try to have a Scenic tutorial at hand, as ToTo has demonstrated above already :slight_smile:

Believe me nobody is more excited about the iOS launch than our team itself, we’ll post about it on all our channels, there will be no chance to miss it

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Great to read but a bit of transparency about timing would help avoiding this type of discussion.
I can realize that moving to IOS is not easy, point taken, but please share at least a “rough” timeframe.
Are we talking about days, weeks, months, years…?
I really enjoy using Kurviger which is a great tool (well done!!!) but rather than having to transfer it each and everytime to my GPS I woupd appreciate an IOS app directly connected to my Kurviger account.
Thanks & courage!

I think Robin has answered that already.