Waypoint symbols

I would like to see symbols as an option to show fuel stop,food, and accomodation as a basic minimum .
For those of us that do long touring, these are the most vital indicators. In Australia, Africa or South America, this information is vital.
No offence to all you guys that go on day rides, but the need to be accurate to the 100 meter is ridiculous. Just ride, get lost a bit, and you will find life more interesting than focusing on the technology.
All the app Need’s to do is know where fuel is, a bed for the night, Beer ,if that your thing? And some food.
So to summerise

  1. Show fuel stops not just blue pins with a number.
  2. Show your chosen sleepover stop.
  3. Show where you plan to get food
    These should be icons on your route ,so it’s easy to see when you look at the screen when riding.
    Look forward to the discussion.

Is it about app or website?

With waypoint names + types implemented, the colors / symbols seem less useful.

Or mean something like the following:

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