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Test´s zu Kurviger App/Web + Test's for Curvy App/Web

Anbei ein Test der Kurviger-App vom Röhnschrat. Vielleicht ist ja die ein oder andere Anregung für die Entwickler dabei. :slightly_smiling_face:
Enclosed is a test of the Kurviger app from the Röhnschrat. Maybe there are some suggestions for the developers. :slightly_smiling_face:



Thanks for sharing!

I think this guy get’s it quite right. Kurviger’s functionality (and customizability) ist huge, but it somehow has drawbacks concerning accessibility. Escpecially downloading maps and (since recently supported) routing data may be improved for first time users (by offering in-app quick access options for direct downloads for some of the most important countries/areas).

But: every powerful tool needs some training period but after that you simply gain so much capability.
And (like he correctly noticed): what you get for only 10 bucks is (in my opinion) simply unbeatable.


That could come in future (like the login / cloud) via in-app subscription.