Strict navigation improvement - fail safe design

While navigating in “strict navigation mode” I discovered the effect that when pressing the navigation button, the actual route is cancelled, pressing again the navigation button drops “the knowledge” of already visited waypoints and starts the navigation again from the beginning.

Pressing the navigation button can also happen unwillingly. I would therefore propose (maybe this is only necessary in strict navigation mode) to stop an already started navigation only by long-press the navigation button and ask before “Want to stop navigation?” YES/NO. Yes - stops actual tour and shows planning mode, No - navigation proceeds. Long-pressing a button normally happens willingly. Short-press the navigation button could only switch between navigation mode and Planning/Overview Mode where the map/route can be zoomed, wp’s can be added or deleted, but an already started navigation doesn’t get interrupted or cancelled.

I am not a native english speaker. If it is not pursuable, please tell what I should explain better.

Don’t know if this is technically possible: maybe an additional idea for more fail safe handling in case of unexpected app closing or by user failure: I guess the already visited waypoints are stored in an array. Why not writing the actual route incl. this array into a local file and when Kurviger starts again, check for the temporary file and ask “a started route was found, reload it YES/NO?” YES: reload and when pressing navigation button, guide to the next unvisited waypoint. NO: drop the temporary tour file.

Each route change resets navigation, that’s a fundamental non-negotiable principle.

Anyway what is the actual request?
Because many different things are mentioned in the post.

To show temporarily a map / route overview while navigating (similarly to touch gestures)?
(useful in both flexible and strict modes)

The discussion for overview during navigation is here:

ok, overview mode is useful functionality, but it was not the main reason for my post.

The main intention was a more fail safe handling of the strict navigation… the idea was more

  • avoiding the the stop of actual navigation by mistake,
  • avoiding the loss of already visited waypoints,
  • avoiding vexing navigation in strict navigation mode,
  • enabling voice guidance to return if driving into the wrong direction.
  • reloading the last tour including the already visited waypoints even after temporary closing of the app.

Normally a round trip is just used on the same day. The next day a temporarily stored local file could for example be automatically deleted when opening the Kurviger app.
I don’t know if this is technically possible to the greatest possible extent, it is just an idea.

What do you think about it?

Too many ideas thrown together, we need to clarify first an exact detailed issue, think if / how want to improve it and then I can see if / how it can be done.

I think the main idea is similar to my proposal here App: Pause / resume navigation

I usually find those “are you sure” questions annoying.

Voice guidance with turn instructions can exist only when user is valid “on route” in navigation.

When off route is triggered, only top-left panel’s data are available: direction + beeline distance.

Indeed all come again to strict navigation improvements for temporary stops.

That’s more work for long press navigation button with popup options dialog.

Maybe I don’t understand this… this sounds to me like a contradiction or the definition for “off route” is not clear to me. When I drive into the opposite direction of my “on route” navigation, is this this considered to be off route? As soon as I am off the planned route there is no voice guidance any more? How can then ever a turning instruction occur?

Yes, I mean this just in connection with long-press navigation button, because cancelling a route unwillingly in a strict navigation has more negative side effects than you want to have.
In other situation I also don’t like these “are you sure” questions.

On route expects to be near the route and within the expected direction (approximately).
Opposite direction is driving in wrong road / lane, certainly not where routing calculated.

There can be no turn instructions when be off route.
The turn instructions are pre-calculated via routing before start navigation.

Like mentioned above, when be off route the only available information (until rerouting) is:
direction + beeline distance to nearest / next waypoint according to rerouting mode.

this was a typing or language problem. I mean return instructions. But as far as I understand your answer, even if I drive into the wrong direction of my planned route and am on the right street, but only in the wrong direction, I don’t get a voice instruction to return, right?

It’s an off route situation and the usual existing visual / sound indicators work as in all off route cases.

If mean app should behave differently, please create a new topic and explain how could be better. :slightly_smiling_face:
Though it cannot speak make a u-turn, as navigator cannot know what road network allows there.

From the software point of view there is no fundamental difference wether you are 200m off your route or “on your route” in the wrong direction. Both are considered as off route condition.

In such situations the app needs to do a recalculation to get you the expected turn instructions.
Only after a successful recalculation, voice instruction to return, can then be available.

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