ShapingPoints and ViaPoints with names for all the navigators

It’s getting better and better! Thank you Emux and Robin for your ideas, your effort and your patience with us …

The naming of waypoints and also the implementation of shaping points in the kurvigerPRO - beta bring us quite a bit further. Whereby today I use shaping points only for a better overview - I didn’t use the announcement of waypoints up to now, may be I’ll change this behavior in the future.

Everybody usually uses only a subset of a software. Personally, I don’t need a database function, statistics (like maximum speed and lean angle) or POIs (I find them myself) and really need no weather forecasts … I just want to ride my bike as stress-free as possible and to plan the tour easily.

For me kurvigerPRO (APP) is almost perfect. Since I don’t use a tablet I always plan routes in (WEB), mainly for the keyboard and the direct connection to streetview, OSM and the whole web. Unfortunately there is a “break” between APP and WEB. But that’s manageable and can be solved with a certain workflow:

  • Planning the route in WEB - it’s more comfortable for me as in the APP. Btw: I stay in *.kurviger format until the final export (in .gpx for my friends). All waypoints are named by LAT/LON (dont ask me why, but it’s appreciated). HighLine_1 | Kurviger
  • Export/Import (via *.kurviger) into the APP. There I define shaping points and assign names for the via points as well. See HighLine_2.kurviger (23.6 KB)
  • Further changes then could be made in the APP and even in the WEB (only as long as waypoints with names are not moved or automatically changed by “set waypoints to street” and you don’t use the browsers “back-function” to undo something). In WEB at moment you lose all shaping point information. By editing the .kurviger file I can easily switch all LAT/LON-waypoints (= unnamed) to shaping points, for me no shaping point has a name. See HighLine_3.kurviger (28.5 KB) (edited)
  • Export this final .kurviger version from the APP with GPX(offline)
  • The resulting .gpx file will be pimped by GpxShaping to insert enough waypoints (trimming the route to the planned track) and setting the Via-/Shaping-Points: HighLine_3_SP.gpx (191.4 KB) & HighLine_3_TTNoExt.gpx (8.3 KB) (Using the same file by the whole gang (Garmin, TomTom and kurvigerAPP users) is a big adventage.)
  • Because the Garmin-ShapingPoint information is not (yet?) recognized by the APP, it’s easy to convert all waypoints into ShapingPoints and then define the few ViaPoints.

Works for me - sure it could be even better if WEB would not delete the names by moves, undos or when “sharing” HighLine_3 | Kurviger and the APP would consider the Garmin extension for ShapingPoints. But there is no reason to start coding immediately!

Once again I would like to thank Emux and Robin for the fact that I have been able to use kurviger for more than 2 years now - with thoroughly positive experiences. Not to forget Markus, who gets the guys from the other faculties on board through GpxShaping.

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Thanks for the detailed presentation and the kind words! :slightly_smiling_face:

The app currently exports the shaping points as regular waypoints in “GPX (offline)” format.
Is there some GPX standard to describe the shaping points?

Please create a separate topic where we can discuss this feature request. :slightly_smiling_face:

I put a rough description in

I am not sure where to put it - here or there ?