Reverse route not available in Kurviger 2.2.18 (Beta)?


today I tried by accident to revert the route direction in the app. But I could find no button to do so. Even the description in the FAQ did not help as there is no ‘Action’ submenu in the ‘Routing’ menu although the route BadDürkheim200km.kurviger (26.3 KB)is loaded

Also under ‘Routing - Options’ I found nothing. And where can I find the ‘Route’ button to press it long?

The manual describes the current app release.
It can be updated by community after next release.

Sorry, I still do not get it. If I go to the waypoint menu I can do a lot of stuff, but no route reversion. Long press of the ‘Routing’ menu does not open anything. Or did I look at the wrong menu?

For the waypoint actions, long press on the waypoints.

For the route actions (like reverse), long press on the route line.

Each map element has a long press menu with different actions.
(waypoints, route, bookmarks, search, etc.)

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Thanks for your patience, got it and it works. It is sometimes hard to switch expected menu entries when you come from a TomTom…:smiley:

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And using the documentation you was so close to the solution (see markings made in your screenshot):

Link to the part of the docu: