Premium account is gone, login does not work with Google

Hello Kurviger Team,
I bought the Premium annual subscription through the app but I can’t log in. In my Google Account the Kurviger subscription is correct with payment, but on the Internet page I can not log in and no new password, all email addresses (google, are not accepted.
Please help, I can not do anything on the web and I can not set up my account.
In the Android app everything works, the subscription is there and everything is displayed.
Why do I seem to have no account, although I bought the premium account via goolge?
When I log in with “sign in with google” then I have no information, empty account, the subscription is not available.
Also there is no way to view or edit my account in the app, this is a big problem, please help me!
Otherwise the app works great and I am very happy to have switched from Calimoto. But nothing works on the web without my account.
Thanks a lot

“Kurviger offers different premium subscriptions. For the Kurviger website there is Kurviger Tourer and for the Android app Kurviger Pro.”

Kurviger Features Website and App [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

yes that is already clear, but I can not update my Acoount.
There*s already an error message when I apply.
I have somehow managed to store a second email address and thus assign a password.
Now I can at least log in.
But I can’t do anything on the website, no matter if favorite or waypoint or folder, nothing is saved in the account.
I am already happy to see somewhere my Accout, and that the google email and the email address is stored.
But in the app there is no setting for it, there I ask but to improve. I would like to be able to view and manage my account in any case in the Android app. That is totally unclear and confusing with you.

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The website and the app have separate subscriptions on different stores.
Users need to subscribe separately on each platform: Desktop + Android.

We should not mix Android app in the discussion for desktop subscription.

See also the documentation:

I can't access my Kurviger Tourer subscription [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

but your login is not working properly.
i can not sign in to the forum with my account (google email or or user name), only “sign in with google” works.
on the website I can log in now.
But an important suggestion for improvement would be to integrate a user management in the app. In the app you are totally blind, don’t know if you are logged in or not.
Thanks for the help!

For the website you should wait for @boldtrn who manages it.

There is no login in the app, because there is no need for accounts in the app.
Android subscriptions are managed in Google Play app or
with the Android Google account.

Please note, the forum uses different accounts, so you can sign up individually.

It sounds like you can’t access our database. We have some more info on that here: I can't access my Kurviger Tourer subscription [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

Typically VPNs, browser plugins, proxies, etc. can block the connection to our database, in that case you can’t save anything in the cloud and signing up for premium won’t work as expected.

To further test this, you could try a different device/browser/incognito tab. Does this help?

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