No voice message during navigation

I’m using the Android app on Huawei P30 Pro. Last day with Kurviger i wasn’t able to switch voice messaages on loud.
I looked on mobile settings, but everything was ok. I could hear music, phonecalls and everything else on my connected helmet. The only app I couldn’t hear was Kurviger 2.

I checked settings for navigation messages, eveything was on unmute. Tone level was 100%.

What did I wrong? Did I oversee any adjustments or opportunities?

in Kurviger App:
settings | voice output ?

You need to activate a text-to-speech engine in Android language settings.
And download the needed language files. It has options to test the speech.

Then check the voice guidance settings in the app:

  • Voice guidance
  • Voice guidance output
  • Voice volume
  • Voice instructions

See also the manual:

I checked text-to-speech in mobile system and voice message in kurviger. I checked also settings ofspeaker in mobile and the voice settings in kurviger.
Everything looks fine. Kurviger ist the only application, that doesn’t give any tone. Music works, phone works, messages works,…

All these are not related to text-to-speech.

Is Google Text-to-Speech installed, selected in Android language settings
and with installed language data?

You can reset the app settings (and restart the app) to return to the default app settings.
(“Settings | Application | Preferences”)

As voice navigation works well for everyone else, it seems to be some adjustment on your device.

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I deinstalled all instances of Kurviger abd di new installation. Now it is working with voice messages.
I don’t know, what is different, but it works.
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Addition: Yes, text to soeech was installed and I have used Kurviger before as well. I don’t know, what the reason is, but after installation it works.

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There are several options to check in voice guidance settings:

  • Voice guidance
  • Voice guidance output
  • Voice volume
  • Voice instructions