New Option "Accept DETOUR" in route calculation

When I for example just enter my destination from any gps position and just want to drive any route that I get in my mind which mean I leave the planned route very often, the re-calculation is often telling to get the way back instead of calculation a new route in the direction where I drive even if this means a detour, also a bigger detour. I mean this is ok if it is the shortest way to the destination, but on the motorbyke I often don’t want to take the direct way.

Example: when I use google maps for example, it seldomly tells to go back, but very quickly calculates an alternative route which is in the driven direction.

May therefore such an additional general setting like “accept detours” or whatever other suitable name for such a function to have a re-calculation very quick in the driven direction independent from other route calculation settings a good idea?

If you mean the rerouting in navigation, as in all reroutings, the purpose is to return on route.
And as all route calculations, it must have defined a start and an end. Start is user’s location.

The more remote end currently is next unvisited waypoint.
Do you mean to have as extra option the destination too?

Don’t know exactly what you mean with it…
re-routing to the next unvisited waypoint is ok, but there are often several alternatives to get there. I mean to prefer the alternative route that goes in the direction of the actual driven road even if this means a greater detour. I hope I explain it well.

Or when I just have 2 waypoints, my actual gps position and my destination and then for example take any deflection that goes into a different direction as the calculated route… instead of pointing me stolidly to the way back, it could maybe recognize after 2 times telling to return that I don’t want to return, but take a detour and just calculates more quicker the alternative route. Google Maps is doing this for example after some seconds already. It tells maybe 1 or 2 times to return and then calculates a new route in the direction that I drive. I find that much more intuitive.
In case others don’t that, a general setting would be good. I would set this behaviour as default for myself.

It isn’t clear what you mean.

I explained the workflow, route calculations in any navigation app always have start and end.

With what end, nearest route point, next waypoint, destination, random coordinates, …?

There are 3 reroutings or disable. A new “end” must be defined in detail to understand.

I try to explain better

This is my planned route, just one destination from my actual gps position.

But I drive into the opposite direction because I want to take a detour (magenta colored direction).
The automatic recalculation tells me permanently to return.

Even if I further drive into the other direction (magenta), it tells me to return (cyan)

Only at around wp 1 it calculates the alternative way

again on the further way I leave the calculated route and drive into the direction of the simulated wp2

Again the app tells me to return.

It takes far too long, up to the new simulated wp2 until the app calculates a new route to my destination (my destination stays always the same)

By doing this (leave the calculated route), the app told me at least 30 or 40 times to return, this is not necessary to my point of view. It should calculate the alternative route very much earlier, at around where the red crosses are.

google maps is doing this… it already calculates the new alternative route after some seconds of taking the alternative route or after having left the originally calculated route.

This could be done also in Kurviger by a special setting called “accept detour” or other function description.

I hope it is more clear now.
here also the simulated route in kurviger
test route.kurviger (1.3 KB)

you can see in kurviger web how long it takes by moving wp1 and wp2 until it calculates the alternative route. This takes far too long to my feeling.

I would like to have a more intuitive re-routing function. If not otherwise possible (because others mayb don’t have this problem), then by an additional option in the settings.

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Thanks for the additional explanation.

Unless a human thought can be expressed in mathematics, nothing can be done with UI options. :slightly_smiling_face:

And none actually knows how Google Maps works internally, except its developers…

I already explained that a route calculation works with a start and and an end.
The end must be explicitly defined, nav knows the route, not the road network.

In your 1st image the rerouting is done with your location as start and (red) destination as end.
If the route result tries to return you back on route, that is how rerouting works.
i.e. if set on website 2 waypoints at those positions, the same result happens.

Yes, but these are only virtual simulated waypoints to show you my driven direction and how long it took to “recognize” that I simply want to take the longer way. I thought Kurviger shall be a motorcycle app, not a standard app. A biker normally don’t care if a route takes 5km more.
Can’t you think of a possible way to realize a more intuitive recalculation of possible routes? I mean how long does it need to take until the app “recognizes” (by reaching a certain parameter) in order to calculate the alternative route, even if this takes longer or is more far away?

I hope you at least understood what I mean and can think about a possible solution. If google maps is doing this by default why shouldn’t Kurviger be able to do the same? Just theoretically spoken. The trigger could be for example if Kurviger has recalculated 3 times the same route, but I still drive (reading actual gps position) into a different direction, then calculate an alternative way to the next unvisited waypoint, in this example destination.

The app has already the setting built-in to show alternative routes. I didn’t use it before, but couldn’t this be a basis to calculate a new route instead of 40 times telling to return?
Mabe you can think a little bit of a possible solution?

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Did you do something in this direction? I have switched on the setting “alternative routes” but also independent from this I have the feeling that this is much better than before. Instead of telling tons of times to return, Kurviger now takes much quicker the alternative route.

Only if the detour is several kilometers, it still tells very often to return before taking the alternative way. Therefore here a new idea which could be a bit complex to develop but I would enjoy this excessively.

A new slider in the settings with kilometer (analog in miles depending of the language settings) from 0 till 50 (for example) to accept detours in route calculation for quick re-routing into the driven direction. Somebody else yearning for such an awesome function?

There has been some minor improvements in rerouting algorithm (see discussion here).

In Menu-Button > Settings > Application > Units you van select metric or imperial.
In Menu-Button > Einstellungen > Applikation > Einheiten kann man Metrisch oder Imperial wählen.

Is there really necesary more? Keep operation simple as possible.

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I think you didn’t understand. I am not talking of general settings for metrics. I was talking of a slider to increase or decrease the figure for the accepted (or wished) number of detour kilometers/miles for quicker alternative route calculation (not telling more than 3 times to return, but route into the direction which was willingly taken by the driver).

Do you at least understand what I mean? Walter didn’t.

Probably and already explained how routing works, with real start and end points.

Something else requires extra thinking, i.e. how to find an end point for rerouting.

I certainly do. But as already discussed and demonstrated here there’s still a huge difference human intuition and a digital algorithm. It’s very difficult to make a “machine” think like a human being.

After all Kurviger already offers a very wide range of configurable aspects which affect routing (like “rerouting mode” or “routing options”). If you leave your planned route the app just calculates the appropriate way to the next target according to your current settings (e.g. to the next unvisited waypoint on a curvy road avoiding motorways). In certain situations this can lead to a rotue that a human person looking on the map maybe wouldn’t decide to take. But what else should/can be done?

My workflow on the road after taking a detour: have a short stop, look at the map, quickly add an appropriate additional waypoint (and maybe delete another one) - and there we go. Sometimes you have to tell Kurviger your personal preference in the current situation. But fortunately due to the good features and usability of the app this can be done without hassle.


I had no problem to understand what you mean with your post. In my post i only reffered to your statement to distance in km or miles!

See the quote:

In Menu -Button > Settings > Application > Units you can select metric or imperial .
In Menu -Button > Einstellungen > Applikation > Einheiten kann man Metrisch oder Imperial wählen.

Is there really necesary more? Keep operation simple as possible.

There is no need to differ between kilometers and miles depending of the language settings. Note: Metric or imperial not only is depending of language

A new option “accept detour” sometimes could be helpfull but there are different thing to consider as posted by @devemux86 and @SchlesiM .

This is your workflow because you may ride alone more often than in groups. But if you are the road captain of larger groups more often, then you can’t just stop and having 10 bikers behind you waiting till you have sorted out navigation issues. This is simply not an option. Also when I ride alone, I hate stopping to sort out issues in a navigation app.

Something else requires extra thinking, i.e. how to find an end point for rerouting

If the brilliant developer of this app starts thinking about possible solutions, that’s all what I’ve intended.

The quote above is your opinion.

There is a statement in the Kurviger App after installing. This you can read in the Kurviger docu Getting Started. Perhaps you didn’t read it. Therefore here repeating a screenshot:

There you see a basic characteristic from Kurviger app: Do not manipulate this application while in motion.

It is not polite to the developers to require again and again for operation of the app without stopping the bike and to break this basic characteristic.

Yes, that’s indeed an understandable point. A roadmaster’s situations and demands are different from those of solo or small group drivers. And I understood your given example in your former post.

As every demand has to be “translated” into some logical algorithm I also think it maybe could done by a validation like this:

After repeating an instruction to turn over/drive back more than X times (alternatively: for more than X km) automatically calculate an alternative route to the next defined waypoint (according to the current settings, e.g. “next invisited waypoint”) which avoids the need to turn over and drive back the way you currently came from.

I agree that this could solve some issues with detours while being on the road and not able/willing to have a stop and operate the display. Of course there would still exist situations which coudn’t be solved perfectly (depending on the current settings and next waypoint position).