New Offline Map vs. old version - how is it meant to be used?

First of all, thank you for your fantastic app and great work. I am using it frequently and like the roundtrip option the most. I have already been places I would have never found without it.
In the last official version you implemented two new different offline routing options for the pro version, named GraphHopper and Brouter. In earlier version of Kurviger I had to install OSM - Files on my phone. I was wondering whether they still are needed or if I can delete them.
Best regards

You still need the OSM data because it’s used to display the map if offline. The additional graph data for offline routing is used to calculate a new route.

That are two different things so if you want to be able to see the map and reroute while being offline, you need both of them.

For the graph data you can choose between data for GraphHopper or for BRouter (additional app which offers a service for calculating routes which can automatically be used by the Kurviger app).

GraphHopper doesn’t need additional apps and is fully integrated in Kurviger (discussed here), BRouter is more flexible because it supports different routing profiles and can be used if you routing over country borders is needed (discussed here).

But important to know: both of them don’t offer the same algorithms like the Kurviger server used while being online. So routes which are calculated offline can’t be as attractive as those which were calculated online. Offline routing only is some kind of a “fallback strategy”.