Navigation stops automatically

I’m using kurviger with screen of and cabled headphones.

I already disabled battery optimization in Android settings. Everytime, after round about half an hour, the routing stops. The app does not close, but the navigation itself. Suddenly, no voice instruction come in.

Smartphone, oneplus 5t with Android 8.1. Im using the latest version from the play store

Any suggestions or advises?

Thanks for the question.

Do you have battery optimization enabled (I think it’s enabled by default). Oneplus, like many other manufacturers use a battery optimization technique that stops apps that run in the background. Even though the app correctly specifies itself as background app that should not be stopped.

Related questions can be found in the oneplus forum as well, for example here and here.

The proposed solution is to go to settings and disable aggressive battery optimization and also add an exception for Kurviger. Then you need to change “Manage recent apps” to normal mode. If you still see issues, you can also try to go to recent apps and click the lock next to the Kurviger app.

Currently battery optimization on newer Android versions is a big issue with some manufacturer modifications. Other OEMs like Xiaomi, Huawei, and others struggle with this issue as well.

Please let us know if you were able to fix it and which settings were required to change, so we can advise other Oneplus users in the future about the correct workflow.

Just one comment/question: Was the following change in Android Oreo (API 26 onwards, but unfortunately relevant even if not coded against API 26 and higher) considered?

If I do read this correctly (and I am NOT and Android developer) a change in the application will be needed to make background mode working on Android 8 (Oreo) phones and upwards. Without a Foreground-Service all Android 8 and newer phone will make backgroud usage of apps that do need regular updates (here e.g. from GPS receiver) not work any more. Maybe this is even the cause for for my problems with the Huawei Mate 9 on Oreo (but that is just guessing).

Thanks for the question, I just moved your question to the right topic.

No it’s not, it’s Huawei’s implementation of an energy saving mode, to randomly stop apps in the background, ignoring the official Android guidelines. Mind you, the app works perfect on native Android without the app every stopping in the background. That’s why VLC is not offered on many Huawei devices anymore (see the post above yours).

Also see our docs here.

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“the app works perfect on native Android without the app every stopping in the background”

Just one question: Can you please be a bit more specific: Do you talk about native Android 8 (Oreo) and newer or Android 7 and older? Because if it is only proven on Android up to Nougat, the issue described in the link mentioned earlier might really apply.

I will stop asking questions if you say that the background mode works reliably on native Android 8 (Oreo), because then it really must be something Huawei special . Huawei is known to cause problems even on Android 7. But the information I do find on the net with regards to which settings should be taken to make backgroud gps-trackers / navigation systems working on such devices do NOT apply to Huaweis Oreo implementation. To my knowledge - and here I might be wrong - Huawei changed to more standard Android behaviour with Oreo as Oreo does implement something very similar in a native way with regard to throttling of background apps.

Navigation in Kurviger works via a foreground service per Android guidelines (can see the ongoing notification when put app in background).

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Yes it does. I own an Android One device (unmodified Android). I tested it with 8.0 and 8.1, both work fine.

I think so :wink:

To the best of my knowledge, Huawei started their “battery optimization” with Android 7 and are doing it until now. Also it seems that for different users with the same device and software version, different settings help (or sometimes not). Also this is not a problem of Kurviger, since almost all apps that require to run in the background are affected (almost refers to a handful of apps that Huawei seems to have whitelisted).

Thanks! And I do agree that this is not an issue of kurviger. I am currently working around by providing external power (when charging, the killing of background applications does not seem to happen).

But as the phone(H****i Mate 9 on Oreo) can provide 8-10 hours of display-off navigation from battery, it would be really convenient to “just drop the phone in the jacket” for normal cases. And the second thing is that some applications do seem to work (e.g. my last tries with calimoto worked) which puzzles me.

But again, I am totally fine and would even suggest to not put effort into this topic (unless there is a really easy solution) as it is really Huawei specific and seems to be a bit of a moving target (different behaviour between Nougat and Oreo) too.

Thanks for the feedback. We actually spent quite some time on this topic and tried to find a solution, but as far as I could find on the internet, there is no solution available. If anyone finds a solution, please let us know, we are happy to investigate concrete and reasonable changes and see if they can improve the situation