Navigation statistics

It will be great to have some logs/statistics at least for motorcycle riders
track speed, routes, even lean angle, for example

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Thanks for the interesting idea!

What other users also have in mind regarding useful statistics?

Like mentioned in a former post: I would appreciate a function which automatically logs my trips every time the Kurviger app is running (just like Garmin devices do). Interesting infos: track, timestamps, speed. Lean angles wouldn’t be too important for me (but I’m a Harley driver :smile:).

That feature is near and related more to GPS logging and save GPX tracks.

Here seems which navigation statistics are useful to record or calculate? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ahhh - seems I misunderstood the point :blush:.

Well then: navigation statistics won’t be of any interest for me at all. Despite those usually included in tracks (like duration and length of the trip), which in fact are more related to GPS logging.

But I also have to admit that it isn’t quite clear to me what “navigation statistics” really means. For me this would be something like number of turns, instructions or visited waypoints, times on and off route (if automatic rerouting is deactivated) or number of automatic reroutings (if activated). Indeed this sounds quite useless for me.

Just my 2 cents, of course. Other’s may like those statistics.

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Indeed it overlaps or is similar with GPS logging feature and could discuss more when that is integrated.

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Oh yeah - more functions we can look forward to! :hugs:

Would be great to get rid of additional apps (like GPS Logger).

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I wish I can see all my logs on map at once. So I can see, which roads I’ve never rode and ride them or plan routes along them. Calimoto app has this feature (but Kurviger is better :wink: )

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If mean recorded tracks via GPS logging or any GPX files, can import as overlays many of them one after another. Then all will appear on map simultaneously.

Yes, this is solution. But a bit tedious. For example, there could be a button switch to show / hide all logs from defined folder at once.

We can offer some different kind of map / route / track management in the future.
Currently and while Android still allows it, open from any location is more flexible.

Yes, it works, but overlay tracks disappear on exit and I must import them again.

That’s a different feature which hasn’t been mentioned so far.

Overlays usually are useful during route planning, not for continuous appearance.
Unless it’s the currently recorded track via GPS logging.

What do other users think about this suggestion?

Bitte stopft diese geniale Software nicht voll mit jedem Scheiss den hier jemand haben will.Wenn das ein Garmin kann dann soll er sich eins kaufen.Ich nutze diese App nun über 2Jahre und sie ist Top.Danke
Gruss Rolf


If you activate GPS logging (show track on map) you can see every place you have been, unless you delete the GPS log.

:thinking: Would it hurt to keep overlays until they are deleted?
The routing|delete feature has already separate check boxes for route and overlay


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Those are not one or two predefined overlays, like the track from GPS logging or the route from the routing. They can be many wpt / rte / trk after many imports, so keeping a reference for all of them needs to justify the actual need and be useful for most users.

Hi, i have an idea, if Kurviger can count and show average speed, based on ride time and actuall tracking?