Kurviger Pro without Google (Playstore)


I purchased Kurviger Pro on Android a while ago and used it heavily. I switched my phone to a non-google Android now where Google Play-Services are not available anymore, but I’d love to use Kurviger Pro on this phone again. Technically this should work - I can download the Kurviger App (non pro) and run it just fine on the phone.

My question / request is: is there a way to purchase a pro license without buying it from Google Play - like, I send money via PayPal or a bank transfer and the devs send me an APK download-link or a license file? Other Apps like Threema (https://shop.threema.ch/) or Signal make this happen…

That would be teriffic! Thanks, Marc :slight_smile:

We are sorry, but the Kurviger App is only available through Google Play.
We don’t offer the Kurviger App as .apk or in third party app stores.

Third party app stores don’t seem mature enough to worth our resources:

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Thanks for the info but sad to hear, that such a great project depends so heavily on one big US company. I would consider this a huge step backwards in terms of user and software freedom.