Kurviger App Free or Pro?

Hi everyone, I’m new to the site.
My question;
I bought the program through the PC.

  1. Do I now also have to purchase the App Pro to display the created routes on my smartphone?
  2. When transferring a created route to the standard Kurviger App on the smartphone, it does not match the route on the PC. I transferred the route from the PC via the QR code.

Hallo allerseits, ich bin neu auf der Seite.
Meine Frage;
Ich habe das Programm über den PC gekauft.

  1. Muss ich jetzt auch die App Pro kaufen, um die erstellten Routen auf meinem Smartphone anzuzeigen?
  2. Wenn Sie eine erstellte Route in die Standard-Kurviger-App auf dem Smartphone übertragen, stimmt sie nicht mit der Route auf dem PC überein. Ich habe die Route vom PC über den QR-Code übertragen.

If you used a website subscription feature like different route profiles or strength of avoidances,
these are not yet available in the app.

In any case it is better to post a route example here, so we can look at its content.

With a transfer I expect that my route will remain exactly as planned. I have already used several other similar programs such as RouteYou, and the created route remains the same as the original one.
But do I now have to purchase the Pro App or is it included in my current purchase?

Kurviger Pro app is only available on Google Play.

Please see carefully the website subscription page which mentions:

“The listed features are only valid for the website and don’t have an influence on the Android App.”

I had already read that, hence my question.
So in order to use the full capacity of the program it seems like I am obliged to also purchase the App Pro. That would be a shame.

Without a route example it is impossible to understand / reproduce a report.

You can transfer the routes as offline *.kurviger files.
They contain all route data without online calculation.

Please see the documentation for more details.

Thank you, the transfer was successful using the method you specified.

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Still, I have a question about the smartphone app. Correct me if I am wrong, but is there a connection between the website and the App? Are the website, the standard and/or the Pro App not from the same designer and why are they not linked to each other for the subscriber? To clarify, why do I have to pay separately for the smartphone Pro App even if I have an account on the website?

(I can only answer for the app)

Each platform has its own features with development and maintenance not being free.

Google Play purchases / subscriptions obviously cannot be linked to third-party resellers.

App price is extremely low for what it provides and the user features it already contains.

Considering that buying and maintaining a motorcycle or car costs thousands…

Webseite und APP sind jeden Cent wert :+1:t3:


We are dealing with two products here: the kurvigerAPP and the kurvigerWEB. Each of these products has its own developer. Common to both products is the excellent kurviger routing algorithm.
In principle, each variant of kurviger can be used separately:

  • The APP can be used for tour planning and navigation on a smartphone/tablet, separate from the WEB, but using the server via internet. With a free standard variant currently only the planning but no navigation. For 9.99 € (one-time in today’s kurvigerPRO version, in the future annually with additional features) you get a complete navigation solution.
  • The WEB is only suitable for planning, in my opinion more comfortable than on the smartphone. The basic version of kurvigerWEB is free of charge; a kurvigerTOURER version with further interesting functions costs 9.99 € per year. For the navigation you need then an additional navigation device (e.g. from GARMIN or TomTom) or of course the kurvigerAPP.

Due to the parallel development, different realization statuses are possible, i.e. different functions are available sometimes first in the APP and sometimes in the WEB. So far, all functions have been synchronized in both products.

Who drives with a navigation hardware (GARMIN/TomTom/etc.) needs only kurvigerWEB (or kurvigerTOURER). Whereby of course also in the APP planned routes can be transferred to navigation systems.
To navigate with Android, the kurvigerAPP is recommended; then you will have a 1:1-transfer between WEB and APP (like WYSIWYG).

Personally, I have subscribed to kurvigerTOURER, purchased kurvigerPRO and will subscribe to the APP in the future - the complete package for 20 € / year. Planning in kurvigerTOURER, exporting the .kurviger file to DropBox, thus immediately available in Android. For fellow drivers with navigation hardware, the .kurviger file is converted by GpxShaping.de into an extended .gpx file, although you may use the exported .gpx file from kurviger as well.


Thank you for this extensive, clear and well-arranged explanation.
You simplified my choice.
I just didn’t think it made sense that they are similar yet separate.
Before I knew this site I already subscribed to RouteYou and it has both the web and app version for one price.
Hence my question.

Has this already been communicated or where did you get this info?

You can read a lot about that in this discussion: