Kurviger 1: Route not found

This is an old version, update the app.
(old app versions are not supported)

Updated Kurviger 1 from Google Play works properly.
Anyone still using the old Kurviger 1 should update via Google Play:

Hallo falls Sie nicht die Version 1.14.23 benutzen müssen Sie auf diese Version updaten

Herzlichen Dak für die Tipps. Leider ist ein Update nicht möglich, da das damalige Googlekonto gelöscht ist und nicht wiederhergestellt werden kann. :frowning:

Hi, dann empfehle ich, ein Abo für Kurviger 2 abzuschließen - ist für 10€ pro Jahr ja immer noch ein Schnäppchen!


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habe die alte pro version 1.14.21 , Android-Handy
Leider funktioniert es nicht mehr wenn ich ein Ziel setze, kommt immer die Nachricht: “Route nicht gefunden”
Weiss jemand Rat?

I have the same problem with 1.14.23. Not possible to create a route. Route not found when I set start and destination.



Kurviger 1.14.23 routing works properly.

If you have routing problems check your internet
and report a route example with the route options.

Also make sure not using any blocker apps that limit Android:


the connection is fine. My workaround at the moment is the planning on the web and export then the route.
After importing it in the app it works as expected. I did that on the same device and therefore I can say that I don’t have any internet connection issues. There are no blocker ect. activated.- at least I am not aware of. Maybe I have configured something in the wrong way. Is it possible to reset the app settings to default? I didn’t find something related.

I believe that 1.14.23 is working on your device. No doubt about that. But it is not working on my device. I will try to provide an example.

Regards Markus

Make sure you are using the latest version 1.14.23 from Google Play.

Export your bookmarks, GPS recording, …

Then reset app settings:

Or reinstall the app:

Anti-virus software may also block all sorts of things.

Maybe also delete cache and data

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