Kurviger 1.10.5

Τhank you to everyone who participated in Kurviger 1.10 (Beta)! :slightly_smiling_face:


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unfortunately the rerouting option didn’t completely fix the deletion of waypoints

the setting for rerouting is “next unvisited waypoint” and the plan was to never delete waypoint which have not been visited unless waypoints are skipped manually for example. I had the automatic re-calculation active.

The problem seems to appear when round trip roads are crossing somewhere. I upload this route. We made this trip on sunday. You see that there is a problem between waypoint 32 and 33. Why kurviger doesn’t use the “route to Haller” to get from 32 to 33?

But this was not the big issue: the deletion of unvisited waypoints appeared between waypoint 7 and 8 in Beaufort. Instead of heading from 7 to 8 it routed from 7 to 33. Obviously the software “thought” we were on the return path, deleted all unvisited waypoints from 8 till 32 and calculated the way back. Even when I imported the route from new via the menu, it directly deleted again all the waypoints from 8 to 32 and “wanted” to take the way back.
The function option “next unvisited waypoint” doesn’t work like explained. The purpose was to make sure that new route’s waypoints remain unchanged during rerouting.

The function maybe works in the way “next unvisited waypoint” from actual GPS position, but this was not meant here.

The problem seems to be when the forward run crosses the way back on round trips. Hope I have explained it right. Can you fix it please?

I have asked the question here:

Can you please explain the exact difference between rerouting options?

  • Nearest point on route : it’s the nearest coordinates on the route path (not waypoint).
  • Nearest waypoint : it’s the nearest waypoint (i.e. via points, destination) of the route.
  • Next unvisited waypoint : it’s the next waypoint (i.e. via points, destination) that has not been passed yet. Thus making sure that new route’s waypoints remain unchanged during rerouting.

Thanks for the route example.
That’s indeed a complicated route with crossed and overlapped segments.

Where exactly located when that rerouting happens and from what direction?

Making software think like humans on road conditions is not trivial task. :slightly_smiling_face:
Like when there are overlapped segments, how to select the correct one and simultaneously still allow exit / resume route with shortcuts (which also want active).

My first idea was to have option also for strict route following: navigate along the route without shortcuts, i.e. follow the route strictly from one waypoint to another. When go off route, the rerouting tries to resume to the last omitted waypoint.

But in that case cannot also make shortcuts and skip intermediate waypoints when exit and resume route later.

So cannot have everything in software, compromises should be made.
If strict navigation is useful we can think it, but with its own workflow.

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I absolutely like the idea of a strict routing mode (as an additional mode to the current routing logic). Covers certain situations although you (of course) have to skip waypoints manually if this is needed. Better than switching off automatic rerouting (like I usually do to prevent unwanted modifications of my route like deleting waypoints after leaving the route).

Don’t know if any skip is possible in strict mode, it’s supposed to not allow any shortcuts.

I created its feature topic for discussing details there and will see for the implementation:

as mentioned, the deletion of unvisited waypoints appeared between waypoint 7 and 8 in Beaufort. Instead of heading from 7 to 8 it routed from 7 to 33. Could be around here: 49.838204,6.292591
We were heavily beyond the speed limit, therefore difficult to say :slight_smile:

I do not expect software to think like humans, therefore the “thinking” was in quotation marks. How to select the correct one? Just keep the sequence. When last visited waypoint was 7, then only route to 8, never to 33. A simulttaneous allowance of exit/resume route with shortcuts was never my intention, not with option 3 (next unvisited waypoint).

Yes, this was always what I wanted. When I want to skip the last omitted waypoint, for example nr. 8 in this case, I can use manuel skipping. Then the software should go for nr. 9 and never for 33 or any other waypoint number.

Yes, strict navigation (with manuel skipping option) is the only way that I need on a round trip.

… and stopping or pausing the route, searching for a possible halt and trying to identify the right sub sub sub menu entry with small font size (because I want to see only the route on the screen while driving) is not an option… especially not, when you have 6-7 racers behind you who don’t need any disruption of the curving swing.

For routing: please create separate topics in Routing category with short url examples that show the routing issues, where everyone can easily check the routing results and map tags there.

And were at the area where the route comes forward and backward on same road?
Did that happen while driving on route or first went out of route causing a rerouting?

At navigation start / reset, it snaps user location on route. With route segments forward and backward on same road and GPS accuracy, navigators often cannot “know” easily where to start.

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not easy to say since I was not the road captain on that day I think we have left the planned route for a short moment what caused a recalculation

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Thanks for the clarification, that helps analyzing further the case. :slightly_smiling_face:

So probably on route missed there was snapping of user location on the other road direction (due to GPS accuracy?), which triggered the reported rerouting.

When long touching the map a context menu arrives. There “Round trip” is selectable. Then a dialog is opened:

For start and destination of the round trip there in the listbox you can select

  • Current start
  • Selected start
  • User location

When selecting “Current start” or “Selected start” i can’t recognize a different behaviour of the app (both crosshair mode on and off).
For documentation please explain me the difference of these two selections. I would be glad if somebody could explain it in german language too. Thanks in advance.

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Round trip’s start position can be:

  • Current start: use existing start position (for convenient re-generation)
  • Selected start: select a new start position each time
  • User location

Kurviger 1.10.5 is on Google Play:

- Routing: (optionally) arrows show the route direction

An option in routing settings shows the route(s) direction with arrows, useful for route planning or navigation.

Available in “Settings | Routing | Route direction”.

- Stability improvements


Muss man das gesondert aktivieren? Ich konnte bei mir keine Routenempfehlung sehen.

Do I have to activate this separately? I could not see a route recommendation.

Can be enabled in “Settings | Routing”.


Alles klar, Danke.

All right, thanks.

Hello devemux86,

Was there a specific reason to change design of the arrow for route direction? The one you’ve implemented into the Beta version was perfect. For my point of view.

Regards, Nico

Hi Nico,

Have you tested them (or current ones) in route sharp curves?

I also mentioned the reasoning in the feature topic:

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