How do YOU plan a route to a destination and back without using same roads twice?

We had this already in old forum, and I would like to refresh it here - also with another context:

I usually have a destination I want to cruise to, let’s say for a one day’s trip. And want to use other roads on the way back.

So - how to avoid to get on the same route back as on the way to the destination?

How do YOU solve this?

We usually do it by planning (a) a round trip or by planning (b) a route including home - destination - position nearby home, with option "avoid using same road twice".

But in every case on the main screen we only get the information of remaining distance / time to the LAST waypoint (= home) - but would like to see time /distance to the “real” destination = NEXT waypoint alltime during cruising = on the main navigation screen (we know indeed, we could get this information by other means).

So, and as suggested by others already in other topics:

Would it not be useful (and I guess not so hard to realize) to enable an option on the main navigation screen to switch between "distance/time to destination" and "disance/time to next waypoint"?

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I remember the discussion, it’s already in app list!

BTW seems relevant to another discussion here:

Yes, that’s what I had in my mind.
Thx for reply.
So let’s continue that with my first question above - will move the topic and rename it, ok?

So back to my initial question:

How do YOU plan a route to a destination and back without using same roads twice?

Ok, thx - my “option (b)”.

Like already mentioned above it would be great to able to select ANY waypoint which’s distance is then displayed on the navigation screen.

That needs more steps & UI to select waypoints. Programmed for a future version.
First simpler step is to handle the situation versus the next waypoint.


Yes, or (that’s how I do it):

Start, set as start
Waypoints, set as end
End, extend route to