Garmin XT2 and Kurviger

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I am planning to buy a GarminXT2 and was made aware of this website by a colleague. I have already received some information about this combination (XT2 and Kurviger), but I still have the following question before I finally decide in favour of the “Kurviger Tourer”.

  • Export\Import via Windows computer…
    will I then have full functionality on the XT2 with this route (voice guidance, POIs etc.)?
  • Export\Import also possible via Kurviger Cloud…
    or how can I plan the route e.g. on an iPad (Apple iOS) in Kurviger and then transfer it to the XT2…?

Many thanks in advance

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I would no longer buy a pure navigation device - the time has come to use a smartphone for navigation.
Of course, the exported .gpx file can be loaded onto the XT2. But not via the Kurviger Cloud - the export is still required. (The Kurviger app (Tourer+) on a smartphone in opposite has a direct connection to the cloud).
Garmin also likes to develop a life of its own when it comes to route guidance. This can be minimized by setting many waypoints, but a real 1:1 version of the planning will only be available with the Kurviger app.

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Wenn man eine *.kurviger Route mit GPXShaping in einen GPX Track mit WP erstellt ist eine
1:1 Route mit WP möglich.

Hi RedDevil,
Can you be more specific about what you mean by “full functionality”? I mean yeah, you will have a regular navigation device guiding you along your route :slight_smile: As others have mentioned before here, a lot of people are now simply sticking their smartphone on the handlebars and that’s it. But yes, there are actually a lot of people still using navigation devices, some people here on the forums do as well.

What you will most likely do is go to Kurviger, export your Route as a so-called “GPX-file” (which has more or less detailed information about your route, depending on some further settings we can explain to you later on if you like), and then somehow send that GPX file to your new Garmin device (most likely via Bluetooth). The Garmin will then open that GPX and start the navigation. Yes, GPX files can include POIs and yes, voice navigation will work

That is up to you. The Kurviger Cloud makes it easy for you to have the route on your home computer or your phone. Then it’s your decision, either you couple your phone to the Garmin (via Bluetooth) or you couple your computer to the Garmin (maybe via USB cable). The Garmin manual will have more information on that than I can provide here, but they’ll explain how to get external files on it somehow :slight_smile: