Distance to point within the route

How can I see the distance from my actual position to a waypoint on the Route? I can only see the distance to the end point of the route.

Distance / time to next waypoint appear on the top-right navigation panels (tap them).
(see also the manual)

More info about the next waypoint appears in the new next waypoint panel at the top.

Thanks for the prompt answer. I have checked it in the app and if I got it right, I can switch the distance display between end of route and upcoming waypoint. Distance/time of waypoints after upcoming waypoint and end of route cannot be viewed right? I assume if I want to see this information (distance/time of all waypoints on the route from actual position) I have to switch to planning mode during a tour and set the actual position as start point - correct?


Also distance / time from start and to destination are available on all waypoints.
Tap them to show their info bubbles.

Display specific waypoint (after selection) will be available in the future:

Most of the times during navigation it would be much more interesting to know the distance (or time) to a certain waypoint than to the final destination. For example this would be the next planned stop, a special waypoint (like a mountain pass) and so on. So it would really be a great feature if the Kurviger app had the possibility to choose one of the waypoints in the current route to be the calculated destination for the displayed distance/time. Have fun and ride safe! Mario

Honestly I was just curious regarding the display of distances. To solve the issue from Mario I would split the route in segments like follows:

Route 1.1: Home to Meeting point
Route 1.2: Meeting point to first break
Route 1.3: first break to lunch
Route 1.4: lunch to coffee break
Route 1.5: coffee break to final point

cheers G√ľnther