Defect with "switch between distance / time to destination or next waypoint (tap distance)"

The below feature is supposed to be available since Kurviger 1.3:

But this doesn’t work on version 1.13.9 (Pro version of course):
If one tap the distance panel at top-right, then just the icon (waypoint icon or destination icon) changes. The distance information remains however always the same: the destination one.
I can’t say since when this doesn’t anymore.

You have to give names to waypoints you want to be displayed in navigation panel.
See answer to no.2. Wegpunktliste & Höhenprofil
See also App: Waypoint types

The idea is, if you don’t give it a name, you aren’t interested in this waypoint.
Furthermore, waypoint names don’t change in case of a rerouting.


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It works definitely in 1.13.9 - several times used in my trip on last friday. Sure: ShapingPoints and WayPoints without names are ignored. Best solution for my opinion!

Btw: in a 720-km-Tour with all kinds of streets, switching routing options while navigating and “avoid roadblocks” only three issues (two related to OSM / one missed waypoint - but could be my mistake).
I think, we have a superb piece of software on our smartphones.


Thanks for the clarification, I clearly missed that point !

The bad thing however is that giving names to waypoint can only be done with the app and not with the website: any idea when this feature will be available on the website ?