Buttons burned into the screen

I am using Kurviger App very often and long, all the day on long trips. This has burned-in the buttons into the screen. You see it then espcecially on light colored backgrounds. Could you please implement a kind of screen saving by hiding and showing the buttons after a period of time or moving pixels or something like this. Additionally if you select hiding buttons they disappear after 1-2 seconds, could you please make this period of hiding a bt longer, 5-6 seconds for example.

Also when hiding buttons, please also hide and show when pressing onto the screen the compass button. This is shown all the time even if the option “hide buttons” is selected.

That seems a case of OLED screens with all applications.

Already available in “Settings | Application | Hide screen buttons”.

If worry so much for the screen, can use background navigation.

We cannot auto hide everything and Android permissions are restrictive for turn off / on screen:

“Hide screen buttons” works just perfect (disappearing after 3 seconds) - and please keep the compass onscreen.

I could think for a compass auto hide option, but that does not really solve anything here.

Map, navigation, user location, many display elements and screen can only be on or off.

These are not the problem especially since transparency is possible. The content is changing. This avoids burning into the screen. It’s just the buttons. If some users want to permanently keep the compass even if the setting for hiding buttons is active, could you then please make an additional on/off setting for hiding also the compass when the other buttons are hidden? When pressing on the screen, it could then also occur with the other buttons.