Button to switch voice guidance on/off on map screen

Hi! Thank you for an awesome motorcycle navigation app!

I would like a control button on the map page or at least an easier way to switch on/off the voice guidance while driving. It’s a bit cumbersome to tap menu, settings, set voice guidance on/off and then tap exit two times to get back to the map again, while on the roll…

Thank You!

It is also available (with other actions / options)
when pressing the top-left navigation panel.

For more details please see the manual:
Kurviger PRO: Navigation, Simulation, GPS Recording, Screen Lock, Rerouting, More, Offline use [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

YES!!! Thank you! I obviously missed that feature.

So, disregard my feature request above!

Have a nice evening!


In Kurviger 2.2.18 (Beta), the navigation actions and options will have slightly different access: