Auto start navigation

Currently, when you stop navigation you have to manually resume it again. I often tend to stop at the side of the road to take a look at the map. To do so you need to stop navigation. When you then drive on without actually resuming the navigation, you not only lose the track recording for this segment but also have to stop once more just to resume the navigation.

Would it be possible to implement an auto resume feature, e.g. based on detecting movement/speed?


Such automations depend heavily on sensors quality and in most cases don’t work reliably.

The most safe solution is start navigation by hand when actually need it, similarly to vehicle.

Just to clarify: I didn’t mean to use any acceleration (or other) sensors from the phone. Instead, the idea is to use the GPS in the same way you use it to record track points (e.g. speed and/or distance above a certain limit triggers a point to be recorded.) You could use a similar measure to trigger the navigation re-start.

Do you even distinguish the initial navigation start from a (later) re-start? Or is this treated all the same?


There is no pause / resume navigation feature, that is discussed in its topic.

Now you can start and stop navigation wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Hmm. I had added my post to the thread/topic you mentioned but it magically was moved to a separate topic. Accident?

That topic discusses if we need to add extra pause / resume action in active navigation.

You ask for auto start navigation based on some criteria. They refer to different things.


I would like to bring this topic up again. I think when it was first discussed we did not have pause/stop implemented in the way it works now.

From my point of view it would definitely be nice to have auto-start/resume from the paused (not stopped) state.

==> Can this be done?


Please see my answer on a related topic about automatic GPX recording:

Isn’t that about recording? I was talking about the navigation as such.

What is the difference between paused and stopped? I noticed that I am also able to change the route when paused.


I meant my remark:

"These seem like automations that are nice to have but not absolutely necessary.
(they can never be reliable because of the quality of the phone sensors)

Like we start / stop the engine when we enter / leave vehicles,
the same should be done with navigation and GPS recording."

Please see the manual for more details.

Also the feature topic: