App: Waypoint colors

Mark (special) waypoints with different colors to improve the waypoints overview on the map.

I am supporting waypoint colors, but not independently of their funktion. They should have a meaning.
The colors should be used to distinguish between different waypoint types.

We do have already different waypoint colors.
Start point = green
End point = red

Another option would be, giving waypoints different shapes. E.g. flag (for stopover points), small circle (for shaping points).


nice idea but with low priority for me… would more enjoy improvements in route calculation when leaving the planned route.

Please avoid hijacking other topics to promote unrelated suggestions.

Indeed, waypoint colors could be applied only on stopover waypoints.

Shaping waypoints will have other symbol and not be named / colored.

I suppot it, too.

All waypoints currently have the same shape (symbol) (i call it symbol A in this post). Symbol and color are features of different waypoint types (and/or stops). Nevertheless i take the post in the waypoint color topic.

But different colors are used. To this point additional notes.

At the current type there are used different colors for via points in app and web. In app they are yellow, in website they are blue (see screenshots).
20200412_105940 200412_105315
In the docu there is

Currently we have 3 standard waypoints:
Start point (symbol A, green)
End point (symbol A, red)
Via point (symbol A, yellow in app, blue in website)

For future (announced in forum or beta):
Shaping points
When i remember correctly as color yellow was mentioned in the forum (above mentioned not be colored, how to recognize then?). I don’t know the symbol of the point.)

For future (proposals from users):
Different colors (and/or symbols) selectable from the user for different stops (Fuel, Eat/Drink, Parking, …).

To keep it simple not to mutch colors should be selectable. Due to the (in near time) available individual waypoint names we don’t need so much selectable (customized) colors.
The colors (and symbols) should be identically in app and website for the same type and stop.
Then you can avoid missunderstandings at the users. It is easier to keep some points identical in the docu.

With waypoint types implementation, there are now less waypoints that may need names or colors.
i.e. the non shaping (dot) points.

And we have 2 different platforms (Android vs Web), with different coloring capabilities in their API.
So we may not be able to provide custom RGB colors, but only a selection from predefined colors.


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