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Nein, finde ich nicht nützlich.
Das wäre eine unnötige Funktionserweiterung.

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Sorry I don’t get you. In what situation the “long press” should happen?

  1. Do you mean, while navigation is running you can pause it via “long press” instead of stop it via “short press”? And then resume it later?
  2. do you you mean, at start of navigation instead of the normal “shot press” you can “long press”?
    Navigation would then wait until you hit the route, and then continue from there on.
    So that, “strict navigation” would behave like a one time flexible navigation?

Pause of navigation can only happen when it has already started.
Resume of navigation can only happen when it has already paused.

Similarly to how music / video players work - so more like your (1).

So when navigation runs, can long press its button and pause it.
Navigation freezes and sometime later can resume it via button.

I’ll think for UI & button, more important now is if we need the pause / resume function.

I don’t think that a “pause / resume function” is needed for flexible navigation.
With flexible navigation you can simply start navigation anywhere on the route, and you are done.

This maybe different with strict navigation.
I think, currently we have too few people who have actually tested strict navigation.


That parts of the route are skipped unintentionally. When I resume the navigation, the same could also happen?

To me this sounds like we are making strict navigation flexible again :slight_smile:.

Absolutely. I had already asked for such a function at least 2 years ago. But as Robin says I would not like to make the strict navigation flexible again with it. Pausing navigation makes especially sense to me if we have a tour summary at the end of the tour with overall length and duration, pure journey or running time, duration of the break time, average speed including breaks and without breaks, maximum speed (all in km/h, not m/s; or other regional values depending on the settings),

Das kannst du alles aus dem mitlaufenden GPS-Track auslesen.

Pause / resume in flexible navigation seems unneeded, as can exit / enter route anywhere.

It could be useful in strict navigation to cover stops, as strict route following mandates that:

“Navigate along the route without shortcuts, i.e. follow the route strictly from one waypoint to another. When go off route, the rerouting tries to resume to the last omitted waypoint.”

That is irrelevant to this feature’s purpose. It was proposed / discussed elsewhere in forum:

No, like mentioned above it is not related to resume route.

  • When (re)start navigation, strict mode expects to begin near start and pass all waypoints in order
    (that is the fundamental non-negotiable principle of strict route following)
  • So currently can start anywhere with strict navigation, only if manually skip all previous waypoints

Pause / resume navigation is different, while strict mode remains active:

  • When resume strict navigation near previous pause, can continue strict route following
  • When resume on distant location omitting waypoints, it complains & considers off route

Perhaps all these are complicated and not much useful to average user?

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Continuing the discussion from Routing issue with option "strict navigation":

:bulb: Just an idea for a possible user interface for pause / resume:
If implemented, the navigation would then have 3 states.

  • stopped
  • running
  • paused (new)
  1. Let the user be aware of the 3 states.
    Maybe by changing the color of the navigation button. e.g.

    • stopped = white (as is now)
    • running = blue (as is now)
    • paused = e.g. red (would be new)
  2. What if pause / resume would be the default behavior? :thinking:

    • short press would then switch between stopped - running - paused - running …
    • after beeing started, navigation would only stop automatically if end point is reached.
    • If user wants to stop navigation before, would need to long press.

The disadvantage would be, that this would change the behavior for all users.
But would it hurt?
I don’t think, that it would make a practical difference for flexible navigation.
Flexible navigation would continue seamless, regardless if it has been paused before, or is starting fresh. :thinking:
But it would be a win for strict navigation, to be able to continue after a break.

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Thanks for the ideas.

  1. Or could change the symbol e.g. :pause_button:

Anyway I still haven’t thought much the workflow or the appearance, as implementation and maintenance are also important for me for any new feature.

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Introducing a state machine is a very good idea ! This will finally make it possible to distinguish between the first start (after the route was loaded and/or changed) from a pause. Question is what transitions will lead to the paused state. You could try:

  • speed below a certain value for a certain amount of time, or
  • input via the start/stop button (long or short as suggested in a previous post in this thread)

Conversely, the transition from paused to running:

I think that this would allow for a great improvement of the user experience.

Thanks for the detailed thoughts!

Looks like a nice intuitive workflow, that also protects navigation from accidental touches.

Also the more frequent actions belong in tap & the more rare actions belong in long press.
(similar to how the location button works)

Indeed that would also change slightly current workflow. :thinking:

Anyway nothing in app is set in stone!

How pause / continue navigation works in other navigators?

In Calimoto there is a Pause/Resume Button, pausing shows the overview mode without stopping the tour

In TomTom Go there is an arrow for switching between the Overview/Planning Mode without stopping the tour (tour can only be stopped via menu actual route --> stop route)

In Navigon Cruiser you tap and swipe to the right, then you have an own GUI site with big easy to use (also with gloves) squares with own functionality for example “insert new wp”, “skip road blocking” “skip next waypoint”, “pause/resume navigation”, “pause/resume recording”, “show complete route”, “stop route”, “planning mode”, “WOW button for automatic storing of beautiful locations or roadways”, “voice output”, “Glympse”, “save location”, “map view”, … these direct funktions are configurable by the user (max. 6 per site).

Navigon Cruisers method is the best fail safe mode to my point of view because it prevents operating errors.

Pausing automatically based on Zero speed for more than 15 secs for example sounds also to be a nice feature.

The Wow button is placed in the middle of the bottom

Wenn pressing while driving, you have the option to automatically save

This is exactly what I have also posted here and this is inuitive for my point of view :

Additionally with temporary fail safe handling via local files (if technically possible and not too complicated to develop).

After answering this question, is this topic now finally discussed? To me it is worth to further think of a practicable solution.

I find such an additional symbol a good idea for a short-term workaround, because it makes clear that the tour is not supposed to be stopped, just temporarily interrupted.

Not my top wish, but would be nice for me for two reasons :

  1. enter a kind of sleep mode to reduce battery usage (like Waze do)
  2. for GPS recording,so that one can have a better idea of the average speed, time to go and so on.

Available in Kurviger 1.13.12 (Beta).

  • Tap navigation button to start and then pause / continue navigation
  • Long press navigation button to stop a started or paused navigation

Implemented in Kurviger 1.13.13.

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