Zwischenziele setzen


ick kann nicht mehr - weder auf der Webseite noch in der APP (Android) - Zwischenziele setzen.
Nutze kurviger seit mehreren Jahre, aber es geht plötzlich nicht mehr.

Hat jemand ein ähnliches Problem und eine Idee, wie ich das Problem lösen kann?

Danke und VG

What do you mean?

You can create a route and then add extra via points or extend the route,
in app or website like with all routers.

Thanks for the quick answer. In the App it was possible, to set intermediate points, start with start and than intermediate point 1, 2, 3 etc. and end with the goal.

Now I have to set the start point and the goal point and only than it is possible to set intermediate points.

But I would like to start wie start point an continue with te intermediate points and finish with the goal point


The app works like the website worked all these years.

That is already available similarly in both platforms:

  • Set the start
  • “Extend” to next via point
  • “Extend” to next via point
  • Set the end

Unfortunately no, i have only the possibilities start and end, if i set the start and the end point, only than i have the opportunity to set via points

(please see my above description)

You can set the start and then use the “Extend” action to add via points until reach the destination.

Thanks a lot. That is new for me, i practice it, and it works better.

Have a nice day!