Zoom level while being "off-route"


after a longer trip with Bike and Kurviger (thank your for this - great work!!!) One question or potentially request for improvement:

Scenario: I do prefer to switch off auto-rerouting, as in cases where I do go off route, I mostly do this for a good reason and the re-routing has caused me more issues in the past than things it solved.
But what I really miss is a good auto zooming in the case I am off route. Basically I would need to have the zoom so that I still do “see” a bit of the original route in all cases. If I am close (which happens mostly in cities) I do need all the details (high zoom level) and in cases where I am further away from the route (mostly outside cities in cases where there are deviations that lead me further away from my route), I would need a lower zoom level.

Rationale: The arrow pointing to the original route is somewhat helpful, but not sufficient. Basically I want to have it under my control on where I am going to hit the original route again. This is only possible if I do see traces of the original route. This implies that the zooming of the map does allow me to do so.

Question: Is this behaviour already possible or would this be a “feature request”?

Btw. one other thing to mention: In cases I am off-route, the warning of being to fast (vs. the current speed limit) is missing. More a small thing for myself though.


The speed limits (and street names) are provided by the calculated route.
Therefore, they can only be available when being on the route.

You can adjust the auto zoom when being off route in “Settings | Navigation | Off route zoom level”.
You can select “Speed” (slider on the left) or a specific zoom level.

You can adjust the auto zoom when being off route in “Settings | Navigation | Off route zoom level”.
You can select “Speed” (slider on the left) or a specific zoom level.

I did see this. But what I am really lookig fo is something that enables me to always see at least the closest part of the original route in case I am off-route. This is not depending on speed but on distance to the original route. Typically scenario looks like this:

Road blocked… I do follow the deviation signs. But the devation does lead me to a point which was not part of the original route (because the original route would have gone “off” the blocked road in a different direction.) To understand the situation I do need to see tha map with enough detail. Close to the original road (mostly inside cities) I do need a high zoom level. Further away from the route I need to have a level which still allows me to judge where to go to hit the route again.

Speed as a measure it not the correct one (as it does not guarantee me that I stil do see some traces of the route) but actually might be somewhat a workaround as being further away from the route happens most often outside of cities where I do go faster (true in most cases but unfortunately not in any case - and especially when coming closer to “decision points” one is typically slower …)

I will experiment with the “Speed” setting. Fixed zoom level is definitely to unflexible in the described case.

Thank you!


Note that the off route arrow points to the nearest or next waypoint
based on the selection in “Settings | Navigation | Navigation type”.