Ziel erreicht... Karte steht!?

Warum wird die Karte bei erreichen des Zieles nicht weiter geführt?
Schön wäre es, wenn nach erreichen des Zieles automatisch die Funktion “Folge der Position” anspringen würde.

Weil… ich plane Ziel- und Rundtouren oft von einem Punkt aus wo ich die Strecke bis zum Start genau kenne. Wenn ich dann am Ziel bin möchte ich, ohne anzuhalten, die Weiterführung der GPS Position. Ich sehe dann weiter den Kurvenverlauf und kann mich auch bei Umleitungen und kurzfristigen Teilsperrungen in Ortschaften(Feuerwehr- oder Schützenfest) besser orientieren.

Findet das sonst noch jemand wichtig?

Gruß ww

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Ja, das würde ich ebenfalls als nützliches Feature empfinden. Häufig lasse ich mich an einen bestimmten POI navigieren und möchte dann On-the-Fly eine passende Nebenstraße zum parken finden.

Perhaps related to conversation here.

No, I mean it differently…
Why does the map not continue when the destination is reached?
It would be nice, if after reaching the goal the function “Follow the position” would jump automatically.

Because… I often plan finish and round tours from a point where I know the exact route to the start. When I am at the finish I want to continue the GPS position without stopping. I can then see the course of the curve and can also orient myself better during detours and short-term partial closures in localities (fire brigade or marksman festival).

Does anyone else find this important?

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Probably as destination is reached and navigation ends, there was little interest for “automatic” follow user location.

What other users think about that interesting idea?

I use the pro App since several weeks now and this is one of the few missed funktions, beside offline Routing ;-). A real fatastic App. Thanks to all the developers

In my opinion not one of the most missed functions (like oflfine routing or names/selctable colors for waypoints :sunglasses:), but it certainly would be an improvement, because the Kurviger app would even be useful after reaching the destination (without being forced to operate any menus again). Much better than just showing the static map.

Some features are more straightforward to implement so naturally could be offered first. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well, I consider the current behavior as a feature :grinning:
When destination is reached:

  • navigation stops
  • GPS location service is switched off
  • device is going into power save mode automatically.


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Manfred do you mean with screen off?

The transition from navigation to follow location is meant for when screen on.

Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam :rofl:

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In settings -> Application I have set:
Keep screen on during Navigation / follow

So after navigation is finished (destination is reached) the screen is turned off automatically.

Transition to follow location could be offered as option, so that everyone can select the preferred workflow. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think having this feature optionally is once again a very good idea. The number of personal routing preferences seems to be at least the (number of users) + 1. And it is great to have an app which allowes individuality even if it means a little bit more complexity in the menue.

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Implemented in Kurviger 1.4.

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