You need to plan a route before export


I’m still trying to figure out all this route/track/waypoint stuff. Seems more complicated than it needs to be.

Anyway- I record my tracks as I ride. I’d like to save them all in one map so I can see all the places I’ve ridden on one page. This is for day/weekend trips. I don’t really care about waypoints at this point. Then, using this map, I’ll create new trips (routes? tracks?) for me to ride in the future. It looks like I’ll probably use a different program/app for that, as I’d want to have my ‘history’ map open at the same time I’m planning the new trip.

I tried to do that with Kurviger. I imported several gpxs into the kurviger map, and I try to save it. It looks like “Save as New Route” is my only option, but I get the error- You need to plan a route before you can do that.

So how do I do what I’m looking for? Is it possible?


Editing to add: I also tried to export the map, I could just keep my histroy as a saved .gpx file. But I get the same error I need to plan a route to do that.

I feel like it shouldn’t really be this hard to do something like this…

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You can import your tracks on into Kurviger, by clicking on import and select only the overlay option.

Then you can plan a new route and export it. They route/track/waypoint stuff you see there is the default GPX settings, that should be set according to the navi you use. See the documentation here:

You can’t export the overlays, you can only export an actually planned route.


I’m doing something similar. All tours of our local senior bicycle group are tracked and saved separately. I import all tracks (currently 15) at once as overlays in and develope a new route. This new route (and only this) will be exported. It represents then the 16th track for the next planning. The same procedure works with!
Some screenshots:

So it’s not necessary to have all tracks in one .gpx-file … in one directory seems to be enough.


An explanation of track/waypoint/route can be found here (only in german)
Kurviger’s documentation may also help


  • track = A trace you have travelled. Similar to a vehicle that loses sand at more or less regular intervals, which remains on the road and forms a lane.
  • route = A sequence of waypoints connected by a polyline with turn instructions
  • you need a route if you want to have turn by turn instructions for navigation.

Luckily Kurviger can create a route out of a track :slight_smile:

@boldtrn - So it looks like there’s no way to import a group of tracks and then save those tracks as a group. That’d be enough for me at this point. I don’t want to have to create a route to save my route history.

The navs I use are just random apps, so far my favorite is GPX viewer because pro was cheap and it was the first where I could figure out how to get rid of that straight line that went from my beginning point to my end point. And the map wasn’t awful.

@zaphod_42 Why? Because I want to be able to look at my ride history all in one shot. I guess it doesn’t have to be a single file, if there was a way to hold & display all the gpx tracks on one map at one time. And save it so I don’t have to import multiple tracks every time I start log in. Because the ride I plan may choose to use roads I’ve gone over before or may avoid roads I’ve gone over before. I’d love the ability to mark parts of a track with different colors to denote good roads, bad roads, etc. But I’m still learning ‘this whole thing’ lol…

If you do something similiar I’d love to know how. As I wrote to @boldtrn it doesn’t have to be a single gpx file. Although that would allow me to check out different sites to see which one works the best for me. If there was a site that could save tracks in a folder and then from there I create a route, great! looked promising but was overly complicated for me and while I could get folders, and multiple track files, I couldn’t get it to save. And it’s expensive so I don’t think I’ll continue once the trial ends.

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@linux-user Thanks. I understand the terms intellectually, but actually how sites use them to import, create, export, etc. is frustrating. Several route apps I tried, when I imported a gpx file I created in google maps, would show either just a straight line between start and end, or two lines, the route I created and that straight line. Things like choosing the number of waypoints I want to include when importing a gpx- why is that important and how should I know? The gpx has the turns and roads I want,that’s all I need. Why do I need any waypoints, I don’t really use them for anything at the moment. Why do straight ‘as-the-crow-flies’ lines show up whenever I try to import a route that did not have that when I created it?? Anyway- I’m not asking for an explanation, I’ll figure it out. I’m just venting that it’s frustrating.

Importing multiple tracks is very easy:
click IMPORT in - select all tracks in your “track-directory” - OPEN - IMPORT … here we are!
But if you need more comfort - keep on searching …

Then select to import only the track. Importing the route will lead to these straight lines.

The help text for that action mentions that this is only relevant when importing the file for a route calculation. For overlays no reduction is done.


I get how to import the tracks, but then- saving them to use another time, either on a site or through an exported .gpx.

Let’s say that, on ‘Monday’ I import 3 ride histories, 3 tracks or whatever. Great, I know how to do that. So then I plan a new route and go ride it and record it.

What I want is next time, to be able to log in to a site, I want to be able to access those three tracks, already loaded onto a map. To have them saved, somehow, from ‘Monday’. I don’t want to have to import the three tracks again, plus my new track.

I’m open to doing that any number of ways. If a site can save the three tracks from Monday, so that I have them there and now I just add my 4th one and go from there, great! But I haven’t yet found a site that can do that. (Or I can’t figure out how to do that on any site yet, lol…)

And since I haven’t seen an easy way to do that, that’s why I’ve been looking at trying to export those three tracks. If I could take Mondays file import, and export that- that would also work. So that I have one file with 3 tracks on it. That way, next time, after my ride, I just have to import 1 file, not 3. According to the comments, if I understand that correctly, in order to export those three tracks together as one file, I have to create a route also. Well, I’d want to 1- Export that one route I created only, because if I use that for navigation I don’t want or need the other three tracks on the map as I’m riding, and 2- I’d still want to export those three tracks without the route I just created. Or have them saved somewhere.
That would be my ‘history’ file/folder. Because the route I create isn’t necessary the route I’m going to actually end up going, the thing I’m going to want to actually add to my history is the actual route that I ride, not what I plan to ride. (Usually they’re the same going out, but I get turned around sometimes, and once I’m ‘out there’ I usually ride around following my nose a bit. Plus any detours I take that I want to save.)

Thanks for the tip. (Importing only a track). Slowly I’m picking these things up.

Why not use your local PC for that?
… and import the tracks as overlay into Kurviger when you need them (drag and drop) as described above

Kurviger App can record and store all your rides until you delete it.
But I would export it into a gpx and delete the record from time to time.

There are tools that can help you merge multiple GPX files, like this one:

Actually keeping the overlays on the map might be something that could be added in the future, for example as part of the login feature. Please feel free to create a separate topic for this, so people can support this feature.

So yes, I can (and have) imported several tracks. But when I try to export, I get the “You must create a route for that” error. That’s the genisis of this post. Zaphod_42 said that it can be done, that he does it, but I don’t see where/how. I’d need a little step-by-step help to set that up.

Thanks, I’ll check that site out. zaphod_42 says it can be done here, that he does it, but I can’t seem to figure out how.

There is some misunderstanding, Kurviger is not a GPX management software.
(like mentioned above there are specialized tools for that)

It can import several 3rd-party formats (gpx, itn, mpjs) as overlays or for route calculation
and then can export the calculated route in various formats.

@zaphod_42 mentions:


There is nothing to add to the statement of Emux.
Over and out!

Just a quick follow up- that site joewein, looks like it’s pretty useful and will be helpful for what I want to do, so thanks!

If you had other links/references like that I’d love to check them out. I’ll try to remember to post a feature suggestion. But at this point I’m still just trying to get my own ‘workflow’ up and running…

That one that was suggested seems work well. A little bare bones, but that’s fine. If you had any other suggestions for GPX management apps, I’d love to know them.