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WunderLINQ Integration



I’m one of the owners and developers on theWunderLINQ. We would love to work with you to integrate our hardware and software with the Kurviger Android App. We are actively working with the Scenic developer to add the integration now and would love to work with the Kerviger team also.



Ah toll… man kann hier also auch Werbung plazieren?



It would be great to have such integration in order to use kurviger from the bike’s remote wheel (wonderwheel). Even so, I guess that a simple general integration (Bluetooth joystick HID profile) would already be great.

Please, consider Keith’s offer for the todo list.

Best regards.


Thanks for the request. This sounds like an interesting project. Let’s first move the discussion to email and see what would be actually required from our side to integrate WunderLINQ.

Ich glaube das es sich hierbei um eine ernste Anfrage handelt, die aus versehen im Forum gelandet ist :slight_smile:. Wir gehen dem auf jeden Fall mal nach :+1:


ich habe auch bei den Project wunderlinq www.blackboxembedded.com mit gemacht.
Ich hoffe Ihr könnt uns weiter helfen:
ich würde gerne das Drehrad als Zoomfunktion in der App Kurviger Pro



Hello first.
I´m using KURVIGER PRO since 1 1/2 years now. It´s fantastic.
Last week I´ve ordered the WunderLinQ and started playing with its Android APP, also…
In its settings you do have to choose your favorite navigation app, or using the android default app.

  1. KURVIGER is not listed. MAPS, KOMOOT, OSM are listed.
  2. KURVIGER is not set as the android default app as well.

So, how do I set KURVIGER as the android default app?

Thx in advance.


We never announced any integration. Like all features - and there are many in list - when something is ready we inform here in the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Rene,

We are discussing the possibility on an integration now :slight_smile:



Hi devemux86,
Hi Keith,

thanks for this information first.
I had not been aware, that the point I´ve raised up in my question would be a part of the integration already. Thought it might an issue related to the android app setting, that could be fixed by myself.
So please appologies. I don´t like to create any pressure. I know, that you guys and especially devemux and Robin from KURVIGER are working hard to improve this app.
Thanks for that :slight_smile:

BR, René