Wrong voice message after re-entering the route

Description of a small bug:
After “route left” and no reaction on my side I come back to the original route sometime.
When “rethreading” the Kurviger app detects that I have to turn right e.g. in 200 m and shows this correctly in the upper left corner.
The voice message on the other hand says “in 1 kilometre turn right”.
My setting for announcements: 1 km, 300m.
The bug is reproducible.
Thanks for an occasional correction.

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Please always provide route example links and details where exactly be / exit / enter, so that can understand / reproduce the reports.

“Route verlassen …” just before threading again

Again “on track” and the voice message is “turn left in 2 kilometers” (I have changed the frequency to (2 km, 1 km and 300m))

I didn’t record the voice message - but I guess you’ll believe me …


I forgot to mention that I am using version 1.10.5 (beta).
If the next turn point is further away than the highest frequency setting, there is no notification.
As I said, in my opinion reproducible at any time.

Thanks for the extra details.
Can you post the route link?

Kurviger 1.10.5 is a production version.

Believe me (or not :wink:), you don’t need a route link. I just took a mini route for the screenshots. The phenomen is reproducable with any route - I had it in Italy, in Austria and so on.

Okay - didn’t catch that … I’m on the beta channel …

See explanation in relevant topic:

@zaphod_42 thanks for the report!

I found the regression, it will work correctly in next version. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank YOU for searching, finding and correcting this!


Should work correctly in Kurviger 1.11 (Beta).

@zaphod_42 can you verify that?

works like a charm - good job! Thanks a lot!

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Solved in Kurviger 1.11.5.

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