Wrong time calculations

[EN] I think I have found an issue with the route calculated by Kurviger
[DE] Ich glaube ich habe einen Fehler bei der Routenberechnung von Kurviger gefunden

In all the routes that it calculates, the projected time does not adjust to reality.
On routes of about 250km, it always calculates 1 hour less than the reality of it.
How can I adjust track speeds or how to solve this problem?

Bei mir ist es genau andersrum. Ich bin immer etwas eher da als berechnet wird!
Es hängt immer davon ab wie man fährt und ob sogar noch der ein oder andere Stop dabei ist.

For me it’s the other way around. I’m always there a little earlier than expected!
It always depends on how you drive and whether there are even one or two stops.

Calculating actual travel times is tricky and depends on many things, including quality of OSM data. Please feel free to share examples, but fixing this is not always easy :frowning:

I do have improvements planned in that area though, so please share :slight_smile:

413 / 5.000
I don’t usually drive slowly, rather the opposite, and the planning I refer to is without stopping. In the attached example, at Waypoint 7 the app shows me a route of 150km and 2h 01min. The reality circulating at a good pace and without stops, it has been 2h 30min. And from Waypoint 7 to destination, it marks 124km and 1h 47min, and reality again with a good pace and without stops, it has been 2h 24min.

Ruta ejemplo

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Wie wärs mit einem Korrekturfaktor,den jeder für seinen Fahrstil einstellen könnte…?

How about a correction factor that everyone could set for his driving style…?

In my case, according to all the routes, the average is a deviation of 30 minutes for every 150km. I always get less time in Kurviger, both app and web, compared to reality.

The routes that I refer to are always mountain roads, secondary roads, etc., I am not talking about the section of motorway or motorway, which I have not used to see if it also has that deviation.

This is not relevant for me either. I wouldn’t waste valuable programming capacity on it. For distances greater than 250 km, for example, I regularly gain all breaks while driving, lunch and coffee breaks, i.e. the specified time from Kurviger fits perfectly for me. And I also only drive curves, I avoid highways and federal roads like the plague. Solution for Amolin32: just add one hour in your mind on daytrips. Who cares if you arrive 10 minutes later or earlier? This is not important while motorcycle riding.

It is important in the sense of being able to plan, for example, a stop for meals, in order to be able to reserve at a specific time in runs of 200km.

And kurviger always gives me less time on the reality of driving.

Ok, but the driving time depends on so much things. It is not possible to get one right calculation for all users.
For my part, I always estimate the duration according to the roads (highway, city, etc.) and the terrain (Alps or plains).
Then I put a small buffer on top and it has almost always fit so far.
Maybe this approach will help you.

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Thanks for sharing this example. Do I understand you correctly that you would rate the realistic travel time for this route to be around 4:25h instead of 3:49h? I can see what can be done about this example :slight_smile:.

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Exactly, that is

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Please be carfull by changing the calculation for only one Input.

For example this Route here would be a average speed of 56 km/h with more then 40% Autobahn.
I rode this Tripp in that time including lunch and other Stopps.

In normal Area (less citys) i have a average speed of about 70km/h without Autobahn.
In the Alps it’s about 40km/h. (depends on Country)

I would say, your calculation is for the middle fast driver the best way. Stopps have to be calculated separate! (lunch, Photo, sightseeing, ans so on)

If you change it to more time possible its better for the slower one, not good for middle and realy bad for the fast drivers.
Think about it.

Don’t worry, I am not planning on changing the ETA randomly :slight_smile:. The ETA should be realistic for an average rider. Calculating a good ETA is really hard, as there are many things that influence the speed that are unknown to us.

Services like Google Maps are using statistics based on actual driving time of their users, that’s something we don’t do, so we need to do our best to come up with an estimate.


Thanks again for reporting this @Amolin32. The ETA calculation has been improved. Your reported route now takes 4:07h. This is not yet 4:25, but already an improvement.

Many other routes have been improved as well, so let me know if this works out for everyone.

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Ok, i will try the next route to see how it behaves

sounds for me like even more time for breaks … but all good, I don’t ride a motorcycle to get to an appointment on time… if it helps other users to cope better without being disruptive to others, perfect.

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The ETA calculation was improved, many routes don’t have any changes. So ideally, the ETA should fit better now.

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Betrifft das alle kurvigkeiten?

Ja, alle Kurvigkeiten.