Wrong Location - Bozen

When one is searching the location Bozen/Bolzano, South Tyrol as starting point, the Geolocation is wrong, it leads to Meran/Merano in stead of Bozen/Bolzano. Would be nice to correct it.

This is the wrong category - Bozen is found correctly in the website, but wrong in the app:

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It is the same in the website.
The app uses the same search server.

It depends on what result you select.

Made some tests in the website with search provider GraphHopper. There I changed the language of the website.

In language German and Italiano when selecting Bozen/Bolzano at the search results list the location is wrong in the map (near Meran/Merano.)
In the other languages at the same selecting the location is at Bozen/Bolzano. In this languages there is another thing to select AltoAdige/SouthTyrol which shows the location near Meran/Merano.
This is really curious.

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The app uses the map center as location bias in the search:

As mentioned in both platforms, it depends on the selected result order:

… because I use OpenRouteService instead of GraphHopper.