Wrong hint for export (gpx) to Zumo on the German site

This hint (“Nach dem Herunterladen der GPX-Datei, diese […] Vor der Umwandlung wird man noch gefragt, wie viel Routenpunkte berücksichtigt werden sollen. […] Selbstverständlich ohne Gewähr.”), specially the bold expression is actually wrong, the only working possibility is explained in this thread (thanks to rumbrummer) and you have to use an external tool to get a good result. So please change the hint on the site!

Did you try it in Basecamp? How does it work in Basecamp right now?

Seltsam… ich hatte überhaupt keine Probleme eine Route für Basecamp und damit für alle gängigen Garmin zu erstellen.
Ich nehme einfach die normale *.gpx Datei, wähle Track mit einer mittleren Anzahl von Stützpunkten. Öffne den Track mit BaseCamp und wandele den Track in eine Route um.
BaseCamp zieht erst mal eine Linie von Start zum Ziel, beginnt aber nach ein paar Gedenksekunden mit der Berechnung.
Die Routenberechnung stimmt so gut wie immer mit der Kurvigerplanung überein.

@boldtrn Basecamp takes the track without asking anything, and if you choose “direct” as indicated by the hint, when creating a route, you just get a few lines between the waypoints. When importing to Zumo, there is a route with via-points without alarm and start and endpoint. Then you can add some alarms by hand and the result is not totally different from the kurviger route,

@Wolf The hint says choose " Direct Route" so Basecamp will not calculate a route at all. If I choose a different profile (curvy or short time) I get not an adaequate result.

Das bezieht sich auf den Export aus kurviger als Route.
Versuch mal meine oben beschriebene Vorgehensweise… Dann bleibt das Original “kurviger” Streckenprofil in Basecamp erhalten.

Quote from hint: " Once you downloaded a GPX file from Kurviger, open it in BaseCamp. If everything worked out you will see some waypoints, a straight route between the waypoints, and a track. The track should be equal to the route calculated by Kurviger. You can convert the Kurviger track to a Garmin route, *if you change the BaseCamp profile to Direct Route* , Before the conversion you will be asked about the number of route points that should be considered. Using the option automatically select should be fine. Typically you should end up seeing a route that is pretty similar to the route calculated by Kurviger.

Definately not!

But you are right, Basecamp calculates a route even with the profile direct, I made a mistake choosing the wrong map (global map). And yes, the best result you get by choosing the profile “curvy”.

The problem is still, Basecamp is not asking anything about the number of route points and the points are without alarm. Without editing the points by hand, either in BC or on the zumo, the route is not proper for riding.

I am happy to change the export hint BTW, but could you provide me with a correct and detailed (step-by-step) hint on how this is done?

You can do it in German or English.

Hm, yes, I can try, but as I see, the zumos (390,590, 660 …) provide different ways of handling with route points. Otherwise I can not imagine the answer of wolf. Further, there are different versions of BC (maybe Mac/Win? or versions, I use version 4.8.8 on Mac and Zumo 590) otherwise I can’t imagine the suggestion of Jörgen (“Before the conversion you will be asked about the number of route points” ) I will see!

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I updated the export hints on the German website. Let me know if this works out better now.

The other languages will follow :slight_smile:

thank you, as I see, the hints are very useful now. Anyway, there is a new feature on the website, changing waypoints in Garmin shaping points, maybe this is helpful too