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Continuing the discussion from Kurviger Yearly double subscription cost (2 * 9,99):

Hi from an new guy in this forum.
Unfortunately kurviger refuse another way to contact them, or I didn’t find it.
After first purchased a monthly account for 2,49 € I changed the ABO to yearly for 9,99 € at April 18th 2022. Receipt from April 25th and invoice on 27th. However I get continiously charged 2,49 € at Juli 18th and August 16th. Does anybody here know how to changwe this?
Many thx

Support for Kurviger exists on the forum.

What subscription and platform?
Tourer on website or Pro on Android app?

About Google Play subscriptions:

Google is responsible and manages Google Play subscriptions / payments.
For issues with Google Play purchases, it is best to contact Google support.

Also see the documentation:

Google Play subscriptions can be canceled on:

Why unfortunately? Support on this forum is excellent, and most questions are answered directly by developers.

See also FAQ


If you say so.
Untill now I have no reaction on my question.
No support. No reply to the unjustified invoices.


please answer the questions from devemux86


Haven’t seen it. Thx for the hint

Android App.

If I remind me correctly I ordered the App (M) on my smartphone (via PayPal by Google Payment) and changed into Y on the website (payed via PayPal: Paddle.com Market Limited)
Google Pay continue invoces for M

There are two different + independent subscription.
The APP for Android and for the website the Tourer subscription. .

You cannot change the payment method for one subscription so that it applies to both. They are different contracts.

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Google Play subscriptions can only be managed on:

“Kurviger offers different premium subscriptions. For the Kurviger website there is Kurviger Tourer and for the Android app Kurviger Pro.”

Than it seems to be my bad.
I withdraw the request for refund at google.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

To change the billing period of the Android subscription, see the documentation:
(the process is handled by Google Play)